IPhone sales XR is surprisingly weak. Is this the fault of Android?

IPhone sales XR was not as good as could be. If you have previously well-known analyst Ming Chi Kuo suggested that Apple in the first quarter of 2019 sell 47-52 million smartphones this time, its forecast is not so positive. Kuo believes that Apple in the first quarter of next year will be able to realize only a 38-42 million units. It is likely that these Analytics have insider information concerning actual sales of smartphones.

Why sales are so low? This question is difficult to answer. The smartphone itself turned out great, here flagship hardware, good camera. What’s wrong?

iOS 12

Yes, iOS 12 can be one of the reasons for poor sales of XR. IPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that are potential buyers of the new XR, updating their devices noticed an increase in speed and decided not to buy the company’s new flagship for another year.


iPhone XR priced at $ 749 and is considered to be a cheap device. But it is not. The phone is not the best device in terms of price and quality.


Android smartphones are the main cause of failure of the XR. Users are ready to buy a Chinese solution which technically may be slightly worse, but at the price of Chinese machines significantly ahead of the us decision.

Target audience

Remember the iPhone 5C. The smartphone was a failure from the point of view of sales, but on the whole was good and fun to use gadget. Whether the reason for the poor sales quality of staff? No, XR is technically excellent and worth the money, but, most likely, the real target audience of Apple is so wealthy, that probably will become XS or XS Max than the “cheap” XR.

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