iPhone SE 2 will not. But what about the iPhone 9?

iPhone SE 2 is, perhaps, the most anticipated smartphone from Apple over the past three years. Users liked the idea of a compact and affordable device with flagship filling that at some point he even became the best selling iPhone in some countries. Still, until that moment, Apple has never allowed himself such experiments, pretending that the segment of inexpensive smartphones, in principle, does not exist. So when a year later the company released the sequel to iPhone SE all a bit tense, but decided that Apple will update the products every two years, in order not to create internal competition. That’s just a miracle no matter what happens, neither that year nor the next. As happens at all?

SE 2 iPhone will be called iPhone 9, and rightly so

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Apparently, iPhone SE second generation waiting in principle not necessary. In any case, this was reported by the resource MacOtakara, which has often delighted us with a fairly accurate hits in the past. Conditionally affordable smartphone, which we know under the name iPhone SE 2 and due in March 2020, will actually be nothing like the iPhone 9. This name, according to sources from the industry, in Cupertino have chosen for the upcoming new items, apparently, not wishing that the new device was associated with the model Special Edition.

Features iPhone 9

iPhone 9 — iPhone is SE 2, but with a different name

However, in addition to the name, most likely, nothing will change, says MacOtakara. Externally, the iPhone 9 will repeat iPhone 8, its hardware will be based on A13 processor Bionic and the RAM will be 3 GB. The wireless charging is likely to leave, but the 3D Touch will be removed. The application of this technology not only would increase the cost of the smartphone, but also would cause dissonance, given that Apple only uses software Haptic Touch, which shows itself not worse.

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All this will allow to minimize the price of iPhone 9 and sell it for the same $ 399 as the original iPhone SE. Practice has shown that this amount is the most appropriate for the vast majority of consumers who, after watching subfragments devices running Android, now not eager to buy the iPhone of yesteryear, but with great pleasure to have acquired a stripped-down version of the flagship Apple, albeit in a more compact body and no Face ID.

Why won’t iPhone SE 2

Purely conceptual in the desire to christen the Apple’s upcoming device iPhone 9 is not unusual. First, this name not yet in use and it would be silly not to use it. Second, the company needs to provide any kind of continuity in the models, a ruler, and in the case of iPhone SE 2 this would obviously not work. Well, and thirdly, iPhone 9 sounds, to me, more euphonious, easier because it was seen at the hearing. Moreover, there is nothing “special” in the novelty does not, since it continued. Isn’t it?

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However, do not be surprised if Apple itself is not too zaparivat on the name of the future novelty, ceasing to give importance to naming in principle. This became evident a year ago, when the Cupertino did not hesitate to call flagship smartphone iPhone XS Max, and then calling him the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. A few years ago, such a combination of words in the name of the flagship of the company was unthinkable, given the brevity with which Apple has always been guided by when creating their smartphones, and now seems to have decided that this bigotry should be left in the past.

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