iPhone SE 2020 smartphone for the mindless fans or the original?

iPhone SE 2020 smartphone is quite unique. No, I’m not trying to fill his price, especially because there are a bunch of people willing to buy it. I’m just stating a fact. In fact, if you look, he has no real rivals on the market, and those machines, which he tipped to competitors, can be called such a stretch. In the end, it is the same price in itself cannot be considered a criterion of the similarity of devices and their orientation to the same audience. In this sense, iPhone SE 2020 is really unique in its kind, and its value.

Tim cook said, iPhone SE better than any flagship Android

Frankly, iPhone SE 2020 is representative of the second League. Enclosure, display, camera, battery life – about his inferiority yells everything. However, you can imagine that Samsung released a new smartphone Galaxy S5, if you do this, remember? Of course not. But he, like iPhone 6, which Apple borrowed the display, camera and the looks, was released in 2014. Koreans immediately laughed at, and their offspring will buy or the most rabid fans or casual people who don’t really care what to buy.

SE iPhone 2 costs only $ 400, but competes with the flagships

However, iPhone SE 2020 before the output was destined for success. Of course, there were the recent subjects who hastened to brand new, but objectively speaking, she is a really good product. What is the camera, which, though moved from an iPhone 8, but it has taught portraiture, and strongly pulled quality. As a result of photos taken on the iPhone camera SE 2020 come out no worse than the iPhone camera 11 Pro Max, and he, for a moment, is two times more expensive.

What can iPhone 11 Pro, but not iPhone SE 2

But, despite the apparent inferiority of the iPhone SE 2020, this smartphone plays in the Premier League, which can’t afford any other device. Even Galaxy A51, which in the U.S. costs the same $ 400, is still the smartphone of middle segment with all the objective advantages. He’s got a plastic case, pretty mediocre hardware and the apparent lack of the prospects that have iPhone SE. After two years Galaxy A51 generally no longer receive updates, and you can scrap it, while the iPhone SE, obviously, will be popular further. Remember the original iPhone SE. He went out in 2016, but still continues to be sold and those who bought it at the start of sales do not even think to upgrade to the new model. The same thing will happen with the new product.

Apple’s unique approach to creating their smartphones gave birth to iPhone SE

But what makes iPhone a SE 2020 to play in the major leagues, while being representative of the second League? At first it seemed to me that there is in the cult that Apple has managed to build around their products. After all, today owning an iPhone is prestigious, and no one, even the most expensive Android smartphone does not promise you the same respect from others. But then I thought that status alone does not go far. So, the success of Apple in something else. Most likely, this is the role played by the company’s approach to designing their devices. Indeed, in Cupertino from the beginning built such a model, in which all is created within the company.

Three weeks with iPhone SE 2020. What are your impressions of new

Design, hardware, software – everything is done in one place. Apple engineers for many years may choose to configure the processors A-series, whereas all others will come only next year. And support? Without it, and iPhone SE would not buy half of those who laid eyes on him. iPhone SE is the product itself, which play a completely different set of rules, which he himself had formulated. Therefore, this smartphone couldn’t get at any other company, except Apple, and not because fans of the Apple brand is driven personality without an opinion.

iPhone SE 2020 could not leave no more than one from another manufacturer

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