iPhone SE among vacuum cleaners. What is he?

In our time, there is one gadget that is literally experiencing a rebirth. At one time it barely changed, and manufacturers simply came up with some kind of marketing tricks to better sell what had already existed for many years. Now vacuum cleaners have truly taken to the next level and come in countless variations. Many manufacturers who used to make “hose monsters” have found a way to switch to more compact models. Now for cleaning you do not need anything other than such a vacuum cleaner on batteries. They have become much more convenient, more compact and sometimes even more powerful. And most importantly, those models that a few years ago cost tens of thousands of rubles, have now become significantly cheaper and become available to almost everyone.

The vacuum cleaner must be powerful, high quality and inexpensive. No need to choose. It must combine all these factors.

Viomi vacuum cleaners

It just so happened that Xiaomi set a course for the production of a large number of goods for home and life many years ago. She produces something herself, but for something she attracts partners or creates subsidiaries. But that doesn't make her home furnishings worse. This approach is typical of Asian companies. And so they have been working for decades, which proves the prospects of choosing this path.

Today I will talk about an inexpensive Viomi vacuum cleaner , which I managed to use for about a week and once again became convinced of the correct choice of this type of design. It was created by a subsidiary of Xiaomi.

This vacuum cleaner is called Viomi A9 and costs 11,990 rubles from our friends in the Lamobile store . It cannot be said that the price seemed very low to me, but on the other hand, the iPhone SE is also not very expensive compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. At the same time, he works very well, and in some ways he is not inferior to his older brother.

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I thought that for this money something would be wrong with him, but the reality turned out to be much more complicated. Of course, it cannot be compared with the vacuum cleaners that I used for some time before and which cost 30+, or even 50+ thousand rubles, but one must understand that such vacuum cleaners cannot be called massive. And the difference in the quality of cleaning and materials will not be fivefold. Yes, there will be a color display, there will be more brushes in the kit, but I used only two, so the rest can be considered tinsel.

Such a vacuum cleaner is more modern and more convenient than a classic one.

Review of the Viomi A9 vacuum cleaner

Viomi A9 is a handheld vacuum cleaner with a wide range of functions and features. When you start using it, the first thing that catches your eye (or rather your ears) is the low noise level. At first you think that it just works in low power mode, then you realize that this is really so, you increase it, but the noise increases quite a bit. In terms of numbers, the noise level of Viomi A9 working is only from 71 to 83 dB . This is despite the fact that the engine speed is 100,000 rpm .

The weight of the vacuum cleaner is not large and is only one and a half kilograms. You can find lighter models on the market, but they won't be much easier. In this case, the power of Viomi A9 is 120 watts . In my case, he collected from the floor not only crumbs in the kitchen, but also wood shavings and small screws – all that I have left from a small repair.

Almost everything can be removed by using several basic attachments.

The standard nozzle has a rotating roller in the design, which can collect small debris from the floor, which simply will not be drawn in during normal suction. Its surface combines a softer and harder pile to work with different types of debris without damaging the surface. To make it even easier to clean under sofas and cupboards, it has a built-in flashlight . Even in a bright room, it helps to see the dirt better due to the fact that more or less large crumbs at this angle of incidence of light cast strong shadows.

In total, the Viomi A9 comes with four attachments, including :

  • rotating brush head
  • narrow long-haired nozzle
  • narrow nozzle with short, hard bristles
  • nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture, pillows and toys

There are not many attachments, but enough.

The manufacturer assures that the autonomy of the vacuum cleaner will be enough to clean up to 400 square meters of area. I cannot confirm this information, for an apartment with an area of about 50 square meters it was always enough for me. If you are not going to clean a huge house in one go, then the built-in 2,500 mAh battery will definitely be enough for you. Such a vacuum cleaner should not work for years on a single charge. You just vacuumed, put the gadget on charge and, even if it sat down completely, after 3.5 hours it will be fully charged. It is unlikely that you so often vacuum the entire apartment, and once again it will be possible to clean up the kitchen in 10-20 minutes.

A cool feature of the Viomi A9 is its five-stage air purification system, which includes a HEPA12 filter. This filter is capable of separating up to 99.9% of impurities and collecting them in a container.

Removable filter collects debris well and is easy to clean

You yourself understand that such a vacuum cleaner, like any other, must be stored somewhere . I don't want to follow him to the balcony or to the closet every time. He must be in the thick of things. I am inclined to hang it in the kitchen, but I have not yet fully decided on a specific place. To ensure that it can be neatly hung on the wall, the kit includes a special mount.

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Pros of the Viomi handheld vacuum cleaner

The main advantage of the Viomi A9 vacuum cleaner is its price. It is she who sets him apart from competitors. It is also worth noting the large number of attachments that should cover all cleaning needs, although even of those that are, I used only two.

It is easy to clean with such a vacuum cleaner every day, so as not to carry dirt and not to bring to the weekly general cleaning.

If we talk in general about the type of hand-held vacuum cleaners, their main advantage is not the monstrous suction power, a huge dust container that can be shaken out once a year and it is not possible to vacuum the stadium with an extension cord. First of all, they are needed for daily simple and quick cleaning.

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You can clean up once a week because you don't want to unwind a large vacuum cleaner, or you can simply remove the handheld vacuum cleaner from the wall and clean the floor in the kitchen or in the hallway while the kettle is boiling. So the whole house will become much cleaner and dirt simply will not spread through it. This is the case when you brought sand on your boots or littered it while preparing dinner, it is easier to take a vacuum cleaner, and not a broom with a scoop.

For myself, I have already decided on the type of vacuum cleaner. I haven’t decided yet whether to give up the robot, but I have no doubt that my main vacuum cleaner will be a manual one.

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