IPhone, the growth of the global economy

We live in a time when companies, institutions and the giant as well as advanced manufacturing equipment and raw materials. In a report issued months ago from the International Monetary Fund was to clarify the role of smart phones in general and hit a clear example is Apple and it has come to represent a major factor in the economy, especially for some states. But hinted the Monetary Fund that a time of prosperity that might end.

الآي-فون ونمو الاقتصاد العالمي

In 2017, has reached sales of smart phones in the world to nearly 1.5 million phone. This means a smart phone for every five people on this planet. Released edition of global economic developments the International Monetary Fund in April last shared a lot of observations about the iPhone and the iPad, and the era of post-smartphone.

One of the key observations that Apple is not only important in relation to technological innovation, but they now also represent a great importance for the economic future of some countries.

Contributed to the production and sales of smartphones, which amounted to 3.6 trillion dollars to almost 4.5 for the global economy in 2017, according to the International Monetary Fund said. In fact, represent the components of the smart phone sales one-sixth of the growth in World Trade. And deliver those industry-by 5.7% of Chinese exports. Not only China, but exports of Semiconductors Korean 17.1% of total exports.

In Ireland, pointed out the IMF estimates that exports of IP-iPhone accounted for a quarter of the rate of economic growth of the country in 2017 (take Apple’s Ireland headquarters for all European operations, so calculated as if the source of all the hardware as well as the revenues of Ireland).

And international mobile networks known in short GCMA, that the phone industry accounted for 4.5% of global GDP.

Boom and bust

In a report recently appeared, shows that the state of technology, the new influential factors Non-Seasonal. This depends critically on the dates of the launch of the iPhone. Where models work, Apple’s main drive global demand. In fact, believe iPhone global sales in the fourth quarter of 2017, surpassing the Samsung phones.

Apple is moving the major responsibility

According to the report when making decisions; the management of Apple should be aware that any slowdown in the growth of the smart phone industry may have a significant impact on the global economy. Although the be one of every five people on the planet has a smartphone in 2017 shows significant growth in that industry, and certainly can affect the GDP of the world. Although Apple is not the core product in the market, but it is a business essential that they market and their tradition of most companies, so we’re great.

The future of the industry

For those people who get a smartphone, they become more willing to replace and change their phones within three years or even annually. Therefore, the IMF warns of the stability of the smartphone sales. That you see clear through the analysis of Chinese exports of smart phones, which indicates that the global demand of the future the smart phones might get slower.

The rising prices of phones have helped greatly

Helped the rising prices of iPhone by Apple in maintaining growth for themselves first and their partners in manufacturing II. The International Monetary Fund suggests that GDP growth was driven mainly by the high price of smart phones, where the average sale price of iPhone of 618 USD in 2016 to 798 USD in 2017.

The mentality of replacing smart phones

For the market to replace smartphones, we find it has become extremely important, and that focus on Apple or should do. There are three consequences to Apple TV work it out:

◉ Keep driving and advanced

Apple’s focus on Scientific Research and development and technological progress are constantly working on finding new techniques every now and then such as fingerprint face FaceID, and augmented reality that gives its devices unique advantages.

◉ Expand the market

You might say Apple’s doing a good job if the introduction of low-cost devices shared on the new tech has to show the content to her. It is possible to have a phone SE2 in addition to the 3D Touch and ARKit for augmented reality and products M2 fastest, through these techniques will prove to be the Black Horse of Apple, where he will share the biggest of plans the questionnaire have Apple customers.

◉ Persuasion switches to the iPhone

It attempts to be advertising widely to convince the owners of Android transfer to iPhone.

In your opinion, did what he said. the International Monetary Fund on the impact of the iPhone on the global economy, right? Tell us in the comments.



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