IPhone users X Buy of easily know camera lens for

iPhone X Camera

At the time, there were a lot of rumors that indicate that Apple intends to use Sapphire Glass to protect the screens of smart phones. However, this has not yet been achieved so that the restricted Apple to use Sapphire Glass in some models of the Apple Watch in the lens of the camera on the iPhone.

Given that it’s supposed to be Sapphire Glass is more solid, it is understandable why he groaned some iPhone users X after they found out how easy it cracked the lens of the camera with their smart phones. It seems that this is a growing problem where quite a few of the millions of iPhone X to file a complaint on the cracked lens of their camera phones, even if they are dropped.

Suggested some it could be the cold weather responsible for the cracked lenses, but one of the users from Malaysia explained that he suffered from the same problem too. Insisted Apple in the past that the article used to protect the camera is actually Sapphire, so it is still unclear what may cause these cracks.

However, it seems that the affected users can’t replace the device under warranty, it has been said to them that they will need to pay full price to replace the device, which stands at 549 USD.



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