iPhone will work longer on battery power

Technology is continuously evolving, however in the area of batteries and accumulators for a long time lull. Perhaps everything will change soon: the company Sila Nanotechnoligies developing a new type of batteries that will significantly increase the battery life.

We are talking about lithium-silicon batteries, which will soon go into mass production. The main innovation is that the company Sila Technologies have managed to solve the problem inherent to silicon anodes – fragility. Already got the first prototypes, which use silicon and graphene nanoparticles: through this approach, the company managed to achieve increase in capacity of 30-40 %.

A big plus is also that for the production of such batteries will not have to make serious adjustments in the existing production process. It is expected that the technology will find application not only in smartphones and tablets, but also in vehicles with electric powertrains. Therefore companies like BMW, Intel and Qualcomm, actively support the development and testing of a new type.

Note that one of the companies that actively works Sila is Amperex. It is known that the Amperex is a provider of batteries for Apple and Samsung. If all goes according to plan, in a few years we will see long-awaited gains in the Autonomous working of our devices.

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