IPhone X against the Galaxy S. 9 – test the internet speed of 4G networks !

In the performance tests that we talked about in a previous article I iPhone X Apple on Galaxy S-9. These tests evaluate mainly the Processor Speed and its ability to perform various tasks smoothly, in this article by another fight in which the speed of the internet networks of the fourth generation 4G LTE in both phones.

آيفون X ضد جالكسي إس 9 : اختبار سرعة الإنترنت عبر شبكات 4G !

IPhone X against the galaxy s-9 : test the internet speed of 4G networks !

The speed of the internet across cellular networks 4G LTE depend on the speed of the modem connection built-in to the phone. Phones Galaxy S 9 Working with Qualcomm X20 and is theoretically faster than modem Qualcomm X16 in iPhone X, but what about speed and realism to them?!

The speed of the 4G LTE networks are determined by the speed of Internet browsing and content download apps and share pictures and videos or downloaded, in this test conducted by the website Tom’s Guide has been the use of SIM from T Mobile us and take the test at the same location in the state of New Jersey, and has been using the application Speedtest.net famous for the speed of the connection in the phones.

Miss phone Galaxy S-9 plus on the iPhone X in all respects (download speed, lifting speed) where the speed of the download in Galaxy S 9 plus towards 71.6 Mb/s versus 48.8 Mb/s at iPhone X. the lifting Speed has reached 10.1 Mb/s in the galaxy s-9 plus in compared to 7.7 Mbytes/s in the iPhone X.

آيفون X ضد جالكسي إس 9 : اختبار سرعة الإنترنت عبر شبكات 4G !

IPhone X against the galaxy s-9 : test the internet speed of 4G networks !

Have downloaded a video from Google Drive on both phones, said phone Galaxy S-9 plus loaded in 18.8 seconds while it took the conversion process twice as long as almost on the iPhone X which took 35.9 seconds.

Also been lifting three images with a size of 8.1 MB to Dropbox, and the result was also in favor of the galaxy s-9 plus that uploaded it in 20.7 seconds while it took the iPhone X about 44.4 seconds in the process of lifting.

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