iPhone X vs Galaxy S9+: who charges more quickly?

X on iPhone “sprint” distances much faster charging Galaxy S9+, find out the authors resource Ai, pitting both phones, that is, head-on. The company’s flagship Apple overtaken by a competitor from the South Korean manufacturer’s charging rate at all stages except the last.

Apple claims that the iPhone X is able to recharge to 50% in just half an hour. However, to achieve this speed is possible only using 29 W memory supplied with the MacBook. Galaxy S9+, in turn, out of the box is the power supply the necessary power, without provoking a mind of their own additional expenses.

First reconciliation indicators occurred 15 minutes after connecting the devices to the mains. During this time battery X scored 25%, ahead of the Galaxy S9+ 7%.

After an hour ten pojiratelei to the promised 50%, while his competitor from South Korea barely managed to hold on to 35%.

After 45 minutes iPhone X further increased the gap, reaching 72%, while the Galaxy S9+ lagged behind by almost 20%.

An hour later, figures began to level off. iPhone X though, and continued to hold the position of leader of the hard-earned 80%, Galaxy S9+ pulled up to 71%. After one and a half hours the values were: iPhone X — 96%, Galaxy S9+ — 92%. At the final stage (after 1 hour 45 minutes spent on charging), the flagship “galaxy” first reached 100%, ahead of the “top ten” for 8 minutes.

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