iPhone XR 2 surprise battery life

The battery is one of the main problems iPhone. Despite the optimization of the mobile operating system iOS, this is clearly not enough to offset the small capacity batteries. Most Android manufacturers have long been not making a bet, and just put an extremely large and capacious battery in the smartphones of its own production. Why would Apple not to follow suit?

Range iPhone will get new batteries

And according to sources in the supply chain, line 11 iPhone really can get batteries with increased capacity. The largest increase needs to obtain iPhone 2 XR. Engineers are going to install the battery with the volume 3110 mAh, which together with the low screen resolution and energy efficient processor, Apple A13 will lead to a record time of Autonomous work.

Battery manufacturer

It is noteworthy that the supplier of batteries for iPhone line 11 will make the Chinese company ATL (Amperex). This contractor is notorious that here was the manufacture of explosive batteries Galaxy Note 7. Let’s hope that after the event, all errors in the design of batteries were considered, and production processes revised.

What else do you know

There is every reason to believe that the layout of the iPhone XR battery 2 also change slightly. It’s possible that Apple will implement a L-shaped type battery is rectangular. Some changes will affect the motherboard — it will be located otherwise, due to design features dual camera.

It is possible that the kit with the iPhone finally going to enter a powerful charge, as predicted by the insiders. In any case, the wait is already long before the presentation of the new models we are only three months.

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