iPhone XR 2019 has the best battery life among all models of iPhone

iPhone XR

If you are looking forward to see what are the new things that will come out by the successors of the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, we believe that the phone iPhone XR 2019 will already be a phone interesting. This is because according to a recent report from South Korea, it seems that the iPhone XR 2019 will get the greatest card in the history of the iPhone.

According to the report, he claims that Apple will use a battery with a capacity of 3110mAh in Khalifa iPhone XR. Of course, this battery looks fairly small compared with the batteries used today in the Android phones, but if the content of this report is true, this could be the biggest card used by Apple in the iPhone so far with the knowledge that the phone iPhone XR current comprises a battery with a capacity of 2942mAh only.

The suggested report is that by connecting this battery with the processor Apple A13 which is supposed to be more efficient in energy consumption, it is possible for the phone iPhone XR 2019 simply smashing battery life best phones iPhone $ 12 an hour. So far, all indicators are suggesting that the iPhone XR 2019 will be very interesting, we have heard the last time he’d put two cameras in the back instead of one camera.

This, in addition to the large battery and relatively low price, makes the iPhone XR 2019 more convincing for customers who prefer not to spend $ 1000 on iPhones high end. However, it is best to deal with everything that has been said so far with the least amount of protection until we get official information.


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