iPhone XR became the best selling smartphone of 2019

Apple rarely wrong. Of course, sometimes in Cupertino allow certain punctures, but as a rule, with accuracy, predict the outcome of certain events, even if they fundamentally disagree with the opinion of independent analysts. Apparently, therefore, the company has almost no bad products. Is the best confirms iPhone XR, which according to experts, was obviously a failed product, and Apple is considered as the main favourite and he was right.

iPhone XR – best selling smartphone of 2019

In the first half of 2019 iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone in the world, estimated by analysts IHS Markit. Smartphone sold a total circulation of about 27 million units, almost twice more than the Galaxy A10, which took second place. It is quite revealing, considering that the iPhone XR is $ 750 and Galaxy A10 – 200. Third went also the device produced by Samsung, which became the mainstream Galaxy A50.

The most unpopular of the popular iPhone

How well the iPhone sold by XR

Even the iPhone XS Max, which is rumored to have sold well enough, barely climbed to 9th place with 9.6 million copies sold. It turned out to Galaxy A5 from Samsung Galaxy Core J2, 7 Redmi Note, Redmi note 6A and 8 iPhone. The latter, oddly enough, still enjoys the popularity among users around the world and sold a total circulation of 10.3 million units.

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Actually, that iPhone XR became the leader of sales is not surprising. In the end, he not only has the flagship features, but looks no different from more expensive models, except for the camera which consists of only one module. However, his loneliness brightens opportunities, which were not inferior to more expensive smartphones. In this case, the device is even cheaper than the cost of the iPhone 8 Plus, so was just doomed to success.

The most popular iPhone in Russia

And so it happened. Even in Russia, where after the fall of the ruble demand began to use the smartphones and Chinese manufacturers and previous generations of iPhone, iPhone XR from the beginning was sold rather briskly, second only to the iPhone 7. Most likely, during this time, the situation has not changed. Anyway, regarding the iPhone sales XR, which simply could not grow, given that in recent times retailers have spent a lot of stocks and to make allowances for this iconic machine.

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