iPhone XR is not certified because of the cutout in the display

According to AT&T, the start of sales of the iPhone XR was scheduled for October due to the lack of certification from the Federal communications Commission of the United States. Without it, Apple allowed to sell the smartphone and even to rent it. The reason for the delay is a problem encountered in the formation of the cut on the top of the display Liquid Retina.

The production of displays for iPhone XR is the Japanese enterprise Japan Diplay. In the production process of the Liquid Retina displays, it became clear that around the perimeter of the cutout are formed of strips of light emitted by the backlight of the LCD display. In the iPhone XS and XS Max of such a failure is not, as an OLED matrix does not need third-party source of illumination.

The start of sales of iPhone XR scheduled for October 26. During this time, the company Japan Display is important to solve all problems to iPhone XR successfully certified because XS and XS Max by the time there will be in the market for more than a month. These models will go on sale on 21 September at a price from 87 990 rubles.

Wait for you iPhone XR, or you will not regret the money on XS and XS is Max? My thoughts on this subject can be expressed in our Telegram chat.

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