iPhone XR: The best selling iPhone

In 2013, Apple has already stepped on the same rake: the relatively cheaper iPhone 5c in colored plastic cases of success, it seems, had not. And here is another attempt. In buildings made of colored glass with a frame made of aircraft aluminum, in October 2018 in sale iPhone XR. IPhone XR and iPhone 5c have a lot in common. Both phones promoted by Apple as “cheap”, but were too expensive to get into “budget” category. Neither the price, nor the level of performance XR iPhone and iPhone 5c have not been “cheap”. The colors were picked carefully and none of them looked dirty. Maniacal fascination with beauty can be, nevertheless the disease but harmless for others. The world beauty will not save, but harm from it almost nothing. Let it be?

New iPhone XR

iPhone 5c was almost the same iPhone 5 aristocratic elite blew up the smartphone market in 2012 – only cheap-looking plastic case. 5c differed from the noble ancestor not only in appearance, but the voice of the people issued a scathing verdict. It is believed that iPhone 5c from Apple suffered a humiliating crushing defeat, that is not entirely true. For the first three days it sold 9 million 5c and 5s. Every fourth of them was 5c. Within three months of iPhone 5c among the three most popular smartphones in the U.S. and certain other countries. But in this category, Apple had too many competitors, they quickly and adequately “answered” and the iPhone 5c fell to almost zero. Unsold devices gathering dust in a cupboard of stores and shops online store 5c trade was suspended, and Apple, without much regret, acknowledged “populism” mistake. History C-the series ended in 2015, as it seemed – forever.

Six colors iPhone XR

iPhone XR – independent model, specifically designed to be cheap, but not cheap. Designed for Apple with the usual care and attention even to minor details. The inevitable compromises creatively retouched, they can be seen only expert in domestic communication technology. If you put XS and XR are close, the differences become more visible – but in everyday life, these differences do not mean anything. Or almost nothing. Not OLED, not 1080p, not Super Retina – so what? But that same 7-nanometer chip, advanced neural processor as the flagship. And in some ways even better than XR XS/XS Max. And most likely, the R-series will continue.

The contents

What is “R”?

Representing the first telephone S-series (3GS), Steve disclosed the secret of that letter: “S” is Speed. Speed. The second phone is S-series (4s) presented to the public the day before the death of Steve jobs. The belief appeared that the “S” in iPhone 4S is in honor of Steve jobs. With the letter “S” in the English language starts a lot of words, which of them was hiding behind her iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s or iPhone XS is unknown. That is nothing more than a designation of one of the phases of development of the device, by the way, Apple itself is also nothing reported.

What does the “R” in XR iPhone? Why not used the “C” in iPhone 5c? It is clear that C is for “Color”. Color in American spelling. If the spiritual brother of the iPhone 5c was called the iPhone KHS, something would change? In addition to “Color” the letter “C” can be deciphered in different ways. For example, how “Cheap” cheap. “R” also starts a lot of words, such as “Russia”. Which of these words encrypted in the iPhone XR? Phil Schiller was asked about it by journalists. According to Phil, it’s just a letter without any meaning. Believe?

What is XR

To reduce the price of there is only one way: compromise. iPhone XR is no exception. Its LCD screen with a diagonal of 6.1 inches (15.5 cm) with a resolution of 1792×828 (326 ppi) and pre-revolutionary 1400:1 contrast ratio for those who believe in the BOM – sentence. The screen of the iPhone XR was greater than the iPhone XS (5.5 inches diagonally, 14,7 cm), and less than the iPhone XS Max (6.5 inches, 16.5 cm). Like all XS, XR screen occupied almost the entire front side of the phone. IPhone screen XR was the biggest LCD screen ever used in a smartphone.

iPhone XR and older brothers

It can be equipped with force sensors to support 3D Touch, but only in theory. Large LCD the entire screen, deformed, would create an unacceptable burden. Instead of 3D Touch for iPhone XR has developed a Haptic Touch. Instead of effort with which the user pressed on the screen, Haptic Touch, tracked the duration of the depression. A surrogate, but many of the features of the 3D Touch was available. Not all of them. Those who are accustomed to the 3D Touch was not easy. But, especially after Apple has worked with Haptic Touch, the substitute is working a solid four.

Other compromises were predictable and natural. LTE is very fast as the iPhone XS/XS Max is normal and just a quick LTE. Protection from dust and moisture corresponds to the level of the IP67 standard IEC-60529 (submersion at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes), and iPhone XS/XS Max with level IP68 (up to two meters). Over time, the protection of the weak, and to abuse it is not recommended.


Like any man-made device, no matter how carefully and thoughtfully it created and with what thoroughness it hasn’t been tested, the iPhone XR there are flaws, they are collected and glued them inside the enclosure in mainland China, and despite the best efforts of controllers and inspectors, marriage sometimes it happens – but rarely. The XR runs a huge iPhone until next month Apple will announce the next model (or models) iPhone – the best selling iPhone in the world. No “gates” with him was not, as far as I know. Have I missed something?

Configuration and iPhone price XR

As always, the configurations differ from one another by the amount of flash memory. iPhone release XR with 64, 128 and 256 Gigabytes flash memory for 749, 799 and $ 899. I wouldn’t call these prices low, but compared to the iPhone XS/XS Max is godly.

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