iPhone XR was represents 39% of total sales of iPhone in the month of December

iPhone XR

Some analysts said that the performance of the iPhone and XR in the market does not rise to the level of the developments, but it seems that there are some other analysts who don’t blame the iPhone XR because of the declining sales for Apple in recent years. In fact, Apple itself reported that the iPhone XR was sold well, but did not reveal any numbers at that time. Now according to the latest numbers that we got today, it turns out that the iPhone XR had like 39 percent of overall sales for the iPhone in the month of December of the year 2018.

This actually is fairly impressive because it indicates that the iPhone XR represents more than a third of the sales of the iPhone. This does not guarantee that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max constitute the rest, because Apple still sell models iPhone old also. This is also in line with what we heard before.

I suggested in previous reports that the iPhone XR was on his way to spy on iPhone XS Max in terms of sales, based on the numbers, it seems that he managed to do so. It is not surprising to see this phone achieve sales higher than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, it is available at a significantly cheaper price with the knowledge that it provides the same features and technical specifications, except the screen and camera.

And for those who do not find the screen and camera as an excuse to pay $ 300 extra, the phone iPhone XR represents a suitable option for them. Some analysts have pointed out that it should be on Apple to lower the price of the iPhone XR if it hopes to make it get bigger sales, but it remains to be seen whether Apple will do it or not.

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