iPhone XR: What’s interesting inside?

Official sales of the iPhone XR was launched only yesterday, however, the novelty has already managed to fall into the hands of experts from iFixit. As might be expected, the experts fully disassembled received in the sale of a smartphone, and studied all the internal components, and maintainability of the device. According to the service center, iPhone XR by design, not much different from their older counterparts.

The most noticeable difference XR from iPhone iPhone XS iPhone XS Max is the design of the battery. If the flagship smartphones of Apple using L-shaped battery, the more affordable the iPhone is a classic variant of the structure of the battery is rectangular. As for capacity, it amounted to 2942 mAh. This is slightly more than the iPhone XS (2658 mAh), but still less than the iPhone XS Max (3174 mAh). Despite this, iPhone, XR shows the highest battery life under different usage scenarios.

Specialists of the service center also noted another important innovation — a smartphone with a modular tray for SIM-cards. This means that the repair will be much easier than before, as it is no longer part of the motherboard.

As you know, the iPhone screen XR has not received the support of face recognition technology touch 3D Touch. However, brand vibration motor Taptic Engine is on its original site, which is now tasked with Haptic Touch.

In General, the organization of interior space is reminiscent of those in the iPhone 8 and iPhone XR. Maintainability “affordable” iPhone has been estimated at 6 points out of 10. The screen of the device, as the battery can be replaced without any problems, but because of the new waterproofing elements, the smartphone was a little more complicated to disassemble. In addition, difficulties may also arise when you replace a broken glass back.

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