iPhone XS and his older brother in size and appear in the first official image leaked them


Yesterday confirmed the US company Apple, finally she was going to dislodge the curtain officially unveiled its new smartphones at the press conference to be held by the police in day 12 of September of the next scene steve jobs at the company’s Headquarters City of Cupertino, USA.

Now, according to a new report released from the site 9to5mac, it seems that Khalifa phone iPhone X, which will turn with OLED screen size of 5.8-inch will carry the name iPhone XS. However, it remains the most important question is, what name will Apple on the iPhone screen OLED adult size 6.5 inch are? Will The name of the iPhone XS Plus? Who knows, maybe.

Regardless of the name of the successor iPhone X, the site 9to5mac also leaked the official image won’t be two iPhones for the next three later this month. And as you can see from the picture, these two phones are coming with the same design iPhone X current, and the same thing would also apply to iPhone second, at least according to the events and rumors of the former, but note that the iPhone will be available in Gold, a color that wasn’t available to the phone iPhone X current.

Returning to the previous reports, it has hinted that these smart phones are the three will be the technology to recognize the three-dimensional face Face ID, and will support wireless charging technology, as it will have screens fitted to cut in the middle part of the upper similar to the iPhone X Current, the framework is made of metal and stainless steel. However, it should be noted that the iPhone screen LCD adult size 6.1-inch will have only one camera in the back.

In the case if previous reports are correct, may be the launch of the iPhone with screen of 6.5 inches at the price of 1000$, and this is what hints that the phone iPhone XS will become cheaper by about 100$.

It is noteworthy that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had said that all phones iPhone for the next three this year will not support digital pen Apple Pencil, which is incompatible with the one of the rumors that we got earlier this month. According to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the reason behind this is that the user experience that will get users if it was Apple support Pencil will not be good. On the other hand, feature split-screen multitasking may make their way to style larger.



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