iPhone XS does not break when immersed in water: true or false?

If XS iPhone to drop into a pool or shed on it the orange juice — it will not break. This was during the September presentation, announced Vice President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller. The fact that the smartphone is protected from dust and moisture standard IP68 allowing submersion in a water depth of up to 2 meters for 30 minutes. Journalists CNET decided to test the words of Phil in practice, dropping the smartphone into the pool and Strait at him drink.

First iPhone XS were placed on the bottom of the pool with a depth of 1.8 meters. 30 minutes later the journalists were washed particles of chlorine with tap water and dried the case with a lint-free cloth — all as recommended by Apple. Further, the smartphone was given 15 minutes to air dry until all moisture has evaporated out of the way places.

The test showed that the water did not hurt the power button, volume switches and a touchscreen display. However, the speaker has a problem: on the grid were visible drops of water — the moisture trapped inside drowned out the sound. The problem could be corrected only by giving the mobile to dry for 24 hours, face down.

iPhone XS in tea, juice and wine

For the second experiment, the staff of CNET took a different iPhone XS. They found that happens with your smartphone if you spill a drink on him. For the experiment, they got mentioned at the presentation of the orange juice, wine, hot tea and beer. After testing a iPhone XS worked just as well as before.

iPhone XS in salt water

The third experiment took place at the Bay near the Embarcadero highway in San Francisco. Journalists “accidentally” dropped the smart phone in salt water depth of about 5 cm device is not damaged.

The verdict

Despite the fact that the iPhone XS has withstood all tests, CNET advises you to keep the smartphone from falling into water. The publication reminded that the Apple warranty does not cover damage from liquid exposure. Check for damage to the smartphone from water, the indicator inside the slot for the sim card — if it is red, warranty is void.

Were you able to repair the iPhone after falling into water? Your stories can you tell in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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