iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max: the best iPhone in history?

The best is the enemy of the good. At the moment, the iPhone XS/XS Max – perhaps the best of all iPhones in history (although the participants in our Telegram chat can not agree with me), they are rich in all what could wish the jammed inquisitive mind of the consumer. They are too good for it to be sold as before, record numbers and bringing in record profits. Actually, the iPhone XS/XS Max was not a failure. Their production is not had to be suspended due to low demand (as it did with the iPhone 8). They sell tens of millions of pieces, tens of billions of dollars already recouped the cost of their creation. And the cost of Apple higher than most other companies because the iPhone is always something special.

In the holiday quarter of 2018 sales of the iPhone has brought the company 15% less revenue than the year before. 51,982 billion instead of $ 64,104. Total income of the company for the first time in a decade and a half, is also decreased. Almost four billion dollars, from 88.0 to 84.3 billion. Net profit fell too, by $ 100 million. From 20.07 to 19.97 billion. Half a percentage point. Horror?

In one of the quarters of 1996, Apple Computer has “lost” a billion dollars. In one of the “Apple” the media responded with a statement that “not every company do have a billion and even fewer can afford to lose.” The company was bleeding to bring her back to life Steve had to seize power, to lie, to conceal from clients and shareholders of vital information, risking his reputation and even freedom. Against this background, the festive quarter of 2018 just a holiday.

Return S-series

Externally, the iPhone XS was almost indistinguishable from the iPhone X. Peering closely, they still can be distinguished from one another: the iPhone XS superstructure with cameras were a little bigger. Traditionally, in models of S-series design does not change. The filling varies, sometimes dramatically – and this was exactly the case. System-on-chip Apple A12 Bionic, the world’s first chip produced with technology of 7 nm in the device that you could buy. Cameras were not only large in size, they were still considerably better than the camera in iPhone X. And, once the iPhone 6, the iPhone XS “big brother”, the iPhone XS Max. And, despite the fact that the chips of competitors “broke” the Apple A12 Bionic, in the real world iPhone XS/XS Max for a long time remained unsurpassed.

Test results AnTuTu, those in which the system-on-chip from Apple supposedly lost

Protect the device from moisture and dust are kept up to IP68 of IEC-60529, according to which the iPhone XS/XS Max had to withstand immersion to 2 meters “any liquid” for 30 minutes. Among the supported XS liquids called beer – iFixit this statement is checked by placing the iPhone XS Max in the “beer tube” with transparent walls to a depth of 2 meters, 5 hours. Then let the phone to dry, turned it on, and he earned. Just do not try to put your XS such tests. First, over time, the protective properties of the iPhone XS/XS Max weaken. Second, iFixit buy equipment for risky (for her) experiences, for opening – its destruction is permissible. To spend a lot of their money on luxury phone and, out of curiosity, to kill him – is it worth? iPhone X with level IP67 IEC 60529 (up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter).

The screen of the iPhone XS was exactly the same as the iPhone X: an OLED with a diagonal of 5.8 inches (14,7 cm), with a resolution of 2436×1125 (458 dpi, 180,3 point 1 cm), with support for 3D Touch, with contrast 1 000 000:1 and a luminance of 625 CD/m2. Bangs to the top of the screen irritated, but was not a whim of the designer, it was located all the elements that were supposed to be on the front panel of the phone, which is now almost completely occupied by the screen.

Bangs, after the autopsy

iPhone XS Max is a screen with a diagonal of 6.5 inches (16.5 cm), with a resolution of 2688×1242 (458 dpi, 180,3 point 1 cm), with all the same features and Goodies that screen younger brother. With the exact same bangs, inhabited by the same sensors and cameras. To great phones, I am skeptical, but ten minutes exploring one of the iPhone XS Max (gold color, but the cover hides it) almost made me change my views: the screen makes you forget about everything in the world.

The iPhone size XS

Sizes XS iPhone Max


Like any new model of complex technical products, iPhone XS/XS, Max bypassed “childhood diseases”. When connected to the charger using the Lightning cable, the process is not started until the user activated the screen. If you just connect to the charger and go to sleep, in the morning the battery was in the same (if not worst) condition in which it was in the evening. This phenomenon is dubbed “chargegate”, cacheitem, Apple has eliminated this issue Oct 8, 2018, in iOS 12.0.1.

There were also “beautygate”: photos taken with the front camera looked as if they were processed with Photoshop. Better than in life. What’s the problem I did not understand, Apple also did not find anything criminal – until she sent the samples. In iOS 12.1, the problem was fixed. Had problems with the deterioration of cellular and even WiFi – but after the release of iOS 12.0.1 nothing is known about them.

Another problem was the price of the iPhone XS/XS Max. All that is produced by Apple, even very cheap iPad 6, almost all the reviews declared “too expensive”. But in the case of the iPhone XS/XS Max can only sigh and agree. Expensive. Too expensive. Nevertheless, tens of millions of pieces of these “too expensive” device was purchased. And loved. Some of them even bathed in beer.

Configuration and prices

iPhone XS iPhone XS Max was produced in packages of three colors: silver, gold and dark gray (the color of gunmetal or space gray). In the people’s Republic of China extended iPhone XS iPhone XS Max red (China Red), but outside mainland China, the phones of this color has not been delivered. On the iPhone the color is not affected.

As always, the configuration differed from one another only by setting the volume of installed flash memory. iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max proposed to her with a volume of 64, 256 and 512 Gigabytes. iPhone XS in these configurations, cost 999, 1 1 149 and $ 349, its big brother iPhone XS Max – 1 099, 1 1 249 and $ 449.

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