IPhone XS Max changed on the iPhone 11Pro Max in this new test

Buy the DxOMark review comprehensive and objective cameras smart phones. But strangely in this test it wasn’t on camera. I have included the company tests a new non-camera and began to test the five models, the phones proximity and the results were extremely surprising. You know on those tests and the strange things that occurred.

آي-فون XS Max يتغلب على آي-فون 11Pro Max في هذا الاختبار الجديد

آي-فون XS Max يتغلب على آي-فون 11Pro Max في هذا الاختبار الجديد

Many had hoped that from DxOMark to learn choices cameras include new branches, this has already happened, the company announced that it had added to the list of choices choosing a quality speaker, quality of the microphone. He has already tested five phones proximity to some of the results too sudden and then followed these tests tests and many other.

It may not surprise those interested in smartphones, the first phone gets the highest sound quality in the tests of DxOMark is the Huawei Mate 20 X.

Features the Huawei Mate 20 X microphones stereo, which gives the advanced feature on other phones that don’t have that technology. This is the reason why he scored only one point higher than the iPhone.

What raised eyebrows and wonder that the phone that came in ranked second behind Mate 20 X, is iPhone XS Max for the last year!

Where log iPhone XS Max points higher than the iPhone 11 Pro Max new for this year.

Enjoy the iPhone XS Max Sound quality up to 74 less the transfer of one of the phone Huawei. But iPhone 11 Pro Max got a score of 71, this is not a difference simple.

Then I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus on 66 points immediately following the Galaxy S10 Plus 65 respectively.

In acceleration tests:

As we can see was also ranked first Huawei phone Mate 20 X with a score of 70 points and then iPhone XS Max with 69 points and then iPhone 11 Pro Max 68 then phone Samsung S10 Plus with a score of 65 points then phone Sony Xperia 1 64 then came the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus in the late stage with a score of 61 points.

How and why the experience DxOMark tests the sound?

The tests DxOMark the quality of the sound of smart phones is really interesting. Where the company says that the reasons for these new tests, that users are starting to care about sound quality increasingly in recent years through audio and video recordings and listen to the audio, as well as the observed differences between sound quality between the phone and another can be significant differences, had to pursue this approach to guide users and provide them with more information that interest them about this, especially those who care about sound quality.

The company says it’s different images for five different criteria.

  • Bell
  • Dynamic
  • Ocean spatial
  • The size of the images
  • Sound artificial

Given the microphone and recording quality, it is also choose the metrics to the same five, in addition to the phone capacity to cope with noise in the background.

And in Tests, the company published a video on YouTube with details of the testing process you can share it.

What do you think about tests DxOMark the quality of the sound? And you see surprising results? Tell us in the comments.



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