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As always, the new model iPhone without the phone disappointed, was recognized not exactly worthless, but owners of the previous generation iPod touch, the experts it is not advised to buy. And another “as always” happened when he appeared in the queue, the excitement… the Main disappointment was the camera. At the opening of the previous model in the upper part of the body was discovered unoccupied space exactly where it was supposed to be a camera. And all at once, and with unprecedented force wanted to she was already there.

Now that space was occupied, the cameras had two. As for iPhone 4, front (screen) and back.

Technical characteristics (0.7 Megapixels, resolution 960х720, photoflash and autofocus was not) she was even worse than the similar products of 10 years ago.

The front VGA camera was the same as the iPhone 4, though smaller in size, but it was of little consolation.

Both cameras are well shot video, and FaceTime in iPod touch 4G is not inferior to iPhone 4.

But the photos compared to photos made with iPhone 4 was terrible. By themselves they were nothing, but if you put two devices side by side…

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The pros and cons

A new Touch was lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4. 101 is 137 grams and 7.2 mm instead of 9.3. It uses the same CNC (computer on chip) Apple A4, memory controllers and I/o, integrated graphics built into the chip.

The amount of RAM (256 MB) was twice smaller than iPhone 4, but due to a bug in the libraries of the program perceived the iPod touch 4G like the iPhone 4 and suddenly turned off the system when you use memory-hungry programs. There was a little, but the information about it got in the reviews. Learned about this all.

Back of the case was stainless steel, less resistant to scratches than aluminosilicate glass. The author of one of the reviews put on public display your iPod touch fourth generation, worn and scratched in his pocket one day. I held in my hands the same touch has served host for several years, he was almost without a scratch. People are different.

The screen with Retina: resolution 640х960.Text and graphics on the level of quality printing. Screen without IPS and without led illumination. Its color was “colder” than “slightly warm yellowish” color of the iPhone. Like this?

Nevertheless, in the class of devices which include iPod touch, nothing close to the quality of the screen was not.

But on the oleophobic coating of the screen is saved, and the touch of your fingers had left traces.

But, as the iPhone 4, fourth-generation iPod touch adds support for 802.11 n. With the same limitation: only support one frequency, 2.4 GHz.

8, 32 and 64 Gigabytes of permanent memory. 229, 299 and 399 dollars. iPod touch was two and a half times cheaper than the iPhone 4 when purchased without a contract with the provider.

The contract is an additional expense over these two years. The rates AT&T was still a monopoly (in the US), and the amounts in the accounts, unpredictable.

For iPod touch contract is not required if you do not know.

Camera of 0.7 MP – why?

From the point of view of the layman, this camera in a prestigious device, and even in 2010, was completely inappropriate. No major reason other than greed, could not be.

But could was.

First, about greed: 229, 299 and 399 dollars for pocket PC. This is the price for a buyer, excluding taxes and fees. In the specification, the cost was limited to two or three times a lesser amount. You can consider this approach predatory, but Apple did try to create masterpieces, and most of all she was able to do all this costs a lot of money. Saved.

But this is not the only or even the most important reason for such a strange choice. The body thickness of 7.2 mm. none of the then existing cameras with decent data would not be able to work in such close quarters.

The autofocus and the flash fell victim to the tightness.

Was it worth the record-thin body devices these victims? Judging by the successful sales and numerous positive user reviews is worth it.

And besides, it’s a great excuse ever in a few years when it will be easy to give potential customers an extra reason to celebrate.

Price per GB

IPod touch 4G 8 Gigabytes, one Gigabyte worth… 28,63 dollars. Nightmare!

However, the journalist who made this discovery, boldly ignored the actual Touch as if its value were determined solely by the volume of solid state drive.

28,63 per Gigabyte to the end of 2010 is well above average, that is expensive.

But in iPod touch 4G with 64 GB price GB was reduced to $ 6.23. This is below average, and cheap, and…

What are the only indicators not making this up people!

Why you need a iPod touch?

In 2010, the best-selling iPod was the iPod touch. The era of the classic iPod (Classic, Nano and Shuffle) have clearly come to an end. In my opinion, the iPod touch was not one of the iPod. No more than iPhone or iPad.

Since 2007, the most popular iPod in the world was a program with this name included in the version of iPhone OS and iOS.

iPhone without the phone (i.e., without contracts and invoices)? I bought my one and only iPod touch (first generation) because of this.

The gaming platform number one? Yes. Tens of thousands of games, cheap and even free, with an incredible three-dimensional graphics and a unique control methods. Great.

But even this was not the main reason for his success. It was a pocket computer, if you have a wireless network, the Communicator and the means of access to information.

To be honest, I don’t know what it is…

To be continued

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