Iran book there to prevent closure of the channels move on the protests



Published founder and CEO of telegram Pavel Durov via his account on Twitter that the Iranian authorities blocked access to the service there for the majority of users in Iran after its refusal to close the channel to encourage peaceful protests.

The channel Sedaie Mardom is the most prominent among the requests to the Iranian authorities where it owns more than 800 thousand follow-up was reported by Durov in his tweet where he refused to close them.

He confirmed the State Television of Iran that the decision to blackout came in order to maintain peace and security of the citizens.

And car service in there they obscure channel that call directly to the violence, and indeed blocked the channel amadnews after that started to publish instructions for making Molotov cocktails to its users.

The application of the term of the highlights of the applications used in Iran, where it has 40 million users out of 80 million Internet users.


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