Iran confiscates a device, the mining work of the digital as a result of consumption associated with electricity

Confiscated Iran about a device to two digital currencies have existed in the manufacturers abandoned without revealing more details such as the names of the currencies that was the case or how long it’s running.

According to Arash Navab administrator of the energy sector in the province of Yazd Central the consumption of these devices amounted to 1 MW which has led to them.

Iran has seen an increase in the consumption of electricity by about 7% in the month of June for the normal rates due to the increasing numbers of devices used in the mining of digital currencies, particularly with the large rises in the prices of bitcoin a $ 13 thousand increase about 5 thousand dollars during the month of June only.

And is the process of mining for digital currency in Iran of prohibited activities at the level of the country, and was the work of the Supreme Council of space digital in September last on account of the mining of the currency and the assets of digital pursuant to the draft, but he didn’t get the result yet.

Of course, prohibiting Iran’s central bank on commercial banks handle digital currency as a help in money-laundering operations.

Also see the officials of the electricity sector in Iran that the consumption of energy and use of transmission networks, electricity in mining work and work against the law.

It is worth mentioning that the mining of digital currencies, you need computers specialized building for this purpose where you use cards graphics and special products and consumes large amount of energy and generate high temperature as a result of her work at maximum capacity.

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