Iran will create a national cryptocurrency for evading US sanctions

Iran can launch its own cryptocurrency to evade economic sanctions from the United States. About that News.bitcoin revealed prominent Iranian lawyer. He also claims that this issue will soon be considered at official level in the country’s Parliament.

National cryptocurrency against the dollar

The Chairman of the economic Commission in the Parliament Mohammad Reza PUR-Ebrahimi hopes that the crypt will help Iran to overcome the world hegemony of the dollar. PUR-of Ebrahimi considers the issue of national coins a priority for Parliament.

We will remind, after pressure from Washington, Tehran has been forced to make some concessions in the agreement on renunciation of nuclear weapons. After unfavorable deal national currency real has lost much of its value due to high inflation. New sanctions against Iran will be introduced in November, so the government is vigorously looking for ways around the situation.

While the Islamic Republic has very ambitious plans for the crypt. The economic crisis in the country has forced many citizens to buy Bitcoins. Over the past six months in Iran has experienced a record surge in the number of trading transactions with cryptocurrencies.

In April, the Central Bank of Iran has banned banks and other formal financial institutions to engage in transactions with digital assets. The management of the Bank is still concerned about the risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism for Bitcoin. However, no obstacles have prevented ordinary Iranians to exchange about $ 2.5 billion at the end of November.


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