Iran without the internet for a second consecutive day

ايران بدون انترنت لليوم الثالث على التواليIran without the internet for a second consecutive day

According to many news agencies and others monitoring the neutral, closed Iran to all access to internet almost in the country in response to the protests escalating which included originally due to high fuel prices .

According to the readings announced by the foundation’s NetBlocks , which is a non-governmental organization monitors the cyber security and internet governance all over the world, the picture looks extremely bleak.

Confirms the Babar today, a local historian defensive non-resident in Iran was published some video clips on the Prevention of skirmishes of detention, that the lines of contact on the internet with contacts may be disrupted, where still the phones are working, but with the control of the government .

He said : “the internet is completely closed, and I can’t communicate with anyone”. “People can just call out (only some countries) using the phone that is being monitored.”

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