IRS reminds about the interest payment with cryptocurrency income

On Wednesday, Edward Snowden told about the surveillance of users of the cryptocurrency from the Agency of national security of the United States. The Agency collects information on the holders of coins from 2013. It seems that data collection is not very successful. On the taxation of profits from cryptocurrency once again reminded the IRS.

Tax the cryptocurrency. US version

Release reminder, the office published on Friday, according to Coindesk. According to employees, transactions with cryptocurrencies are taxed in the same way as other forms of ownership.

Profit and loss in the digital currency is treated as capital gains, while the cryptocurrency acts as a primary asset. In the same way it’s taxed salary in bitcoin. In General, the Agency need to notify about all payments and transactions in coins.

Payments using virtual currency are subject to information to the same extent as other payments made in property.

Waiting for delinquent audits and penalties. The tax evasion punishable by up to five years and a fine up to $ 250 thousand. I hope that in Russian law the points will be more friendly.

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