Is Apple speed iPad like I did with the iPhone for?


Caught the Apple low profile over the past weeks after the onset of the problem to decrease the speed of phones iPhone on purpose as a result of problems in the battery by Apple, led to the appearance of a question about whether Apple is doing the same thing with the iPad Tablet? However, a report for GSM India, revealed that the American company don’t do it, and decrease the speed of the iPad, according to the age of the battery.

He interpreted the Indian community it’s that battery management is the process of facing the complex, this battery ageing makes them provide much less energy that needed by the system, which was the reason behind reducing the Apple to the speed of phones iPhone, prompting the company to launch update 10.2.1 year ago to evaluate the performance of the phone to balance it with the battery performance.

The Apple feature battery management to use when needed to prevent phone and iPhone from stop unexpectedly, in addition, this feature only applies to iPhone 6وiPhone 6 Plusو iPhone 6sو iPhone 6s Plusو iPhone SE.

In a extended police recently through the updated iOS 11.2 this feature for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to become in this category of phones.

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The report added that Apple pointed out when announcing the reduced speed of its organs declared that for iPhone only, but it did not point definitively to the iPad, and in a support document last name ‘iPhone Battery and Performance‘, the company said Apple’s power management feature private phones EVO only, and does not apply to any of Apple’s other products.

If why Apple didn’t include iPad:

Although this device possesses the card greater than the card devices iPhone, only the iPad is more capable of dealing with performance problems that would lock The phones iPhone, in addition to the use of the iPads is less compared to the iPhone, so Apple has not been a need to evaluate the speed of the device to conserve battery, like I did with the iPhone.

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