Is comes the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a hole in the screen?!

We spotted few days ago a report about the plan of Samsung future to include a hidden camera down the screen of the phones base, which would happen to a breakthrough in the future of the industry phones near, and now appeared a new patent to Samsung Chile to the design of the hole in the screen of the phone! So what is the secret behind this hole?

According to the patent of the new, the next major release of Samsung will depend on the screen width long by 19.5:9 with the opening of a small “hole” in the top frame of the phone to settle down by the front camera, as well as the paper assumes a number of other holes for sensors and front-end.

Filed a patent for the latter company in April of this year and has been granted recently, a topping device includes a number of small holes along the top of the metal frame of the phone.

Where they are used to suit various other elements are necessary, such as the proximity sensor, and speaker inside the ear, the unit for Face Recognition three-dimensional and more. Since each sensor is not the same size, some of the holes can be larger than others, the company will arrange the holes according to their size.

The final design will differ from the graphics

Design exhibitions, resembles The Shape of the extrusion “notes” which is not available from Samsung, so probably the design comes in different perforation, such as that introduced by the latest leaks about the Galaxy A8s in these leaked images, which appeared after the announcement of the patent.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to adopt a display screen 19.5:9 long, it is assumed that there will be very little space to the edge above and below the screen, it will not be surprising definitely see the South Korean giant benefits from this patent in phone coming soon, especially since the draft of the camera the bottom of the screen is still under development.

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