Is forcing Facebook employees to use Android system instead of iOS?

In a controversial report about the policies of Facebook, the stranger issued from the New York Times, the newspaper said that the co-CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s senior executives for businesses using Android phones, only instead of iOS !

The report noted that this move to the Android system to the iOS account back to the comments of the CEO of Apple”Tim Cook” which he published earlier this year during the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica.

In the time of the publication of the news of this security breach to Facebook, and asked the head of Apple what he would do if he was Mark Zuckerberg. Responded to cook by saying he won’t be in the same position as his counterpart in Facebook. Cook explained that he could buy Apple to make a lot of money if the clients are home, hinting that Facebook was selling its members to advertisers and others. This comment probably wasn’t good with Zuckerberg.

From its part, denied Facebook Inc. the validity of this report, except that the position of the Facebook Newsroom published a statement acknowledging that he was to encourage the executives and employees at Facebook to use Android instead of iOS.

And Facebook that the reason for this is not related to the comments of the Cook and, instead, the company says that the place of Android as an operating system the most famous in the world is the reason why the company proposed to its employees to use it on iOS !

So you can say: yes, depends site Facebook that he is “encouraged” executives and employees to use Android devices instead of iOS !

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