Is it easy to fix OnePlus 6? The answer of the experts iFixit

OnePlus unveiled a new flagship last week. The main difference of the smartphone was the design: the frame around the display was replaced by a recess, and the back cover was made of glass. Wireless charging in the device has not appeared, but has changed. Now Chinese flagship more difficult to repair.

The answer about maintainability traditionally given employees iFixit. The new device received a 5 out of 10 points, according to Phone Arena. 5 and 5T were repaired better — they got 7 points.

The analysis took eleven steps, after which the experts shared their insights. First the good news. To remove the battery you can almost immediately after removing the back cover. Fixing simple problems with it will not arise.

Many of the internals are modular in design. This means that in case of breakage of small parts, most likely, will not have to change together with its contents. The failed part will be replaced separately and will save money owners. By the way, mounts inside the enclosure standard Phillips.

Not without its drawbacks. Replacement display, which is the most popular operations in repair shops, requires a lot of effort. The experts also called the glass pane, double risk, and the prospect of the repair — not. The case is firmly glued in OLED panels, which are unlikely to remove without damage.

In the end, the maintainability of the flagship OnePlus has deteriorated. Experiences in official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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