Is it necessary to increase the refresh rate of the screen of a smartphone?

You’ve probably already noticed that in the beginning of the year there was a lot of news that have come out or will the new gadget, the frame rate of the screen which will be morethan it is now. First and foremost, this applies to smartphones and gaming monitors. The only question is whether this frame rate. For example, if the smartphone will give a picture with a frequency of 120 Hz, is it good? On the one hand, Yes, but there is this phenomena and minuses. Thus they creep, as they say, from not waiting. Are you sure you want the further growth of the framerate?

The number of screen shades we already have, left to increase the frequency of updates.

I’ll spare you the complicated terms and talk about where did the concept of ”scan” and how he worked with cathode-ray tube, from which it started. Better to just speculate on such a relevant topic right now.

First and foremost, we must understand that we promise screens with a frequency of, for example, 120 Hz. If you write on the box with a smartphone that he has such a frequency, most likely, it will want to buy, because “frequency is large, all the cool, must take”. Actually, not so smooth. Sometimes it happens that under this number is not the actual framerate of the images on the screen, and the readout rate of the sensor screen.

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That is, 120 Hz against the image suggests that the picture changes 120 times per second. It’s a lot and the picture will move very smoothly, even at 60 frames per second already looks significantly better than 30. For example, just try to shoot video at 60 frames per second and view it on the smartphone screen. If your device has a good screen, you’ll know the difference and will not want more to shoot in 30 fps.

One of the first devices with a screen of 120 Hz was at the time the iPad Pro, which is a great show and the image on his screen was moving very smoothly. At the same time, the iPhone XS and other models of this series also promised a screen frequency of 120 Hz, but in this case it was just reading about touching. That is, for one second sensor receives information about the position of the finger 120 times. By simple calculations we obtain one reading for 8.3 MS vs 16.6 in the case of 60 Hz. The improvement is also good, but this is not so important and hardly improve the perception of the smartphone.

Released last year, OnePlus 7 Pro with a screen refresh rate of 90 Hz really gives 90 fps. First and foremost, it feels good when scrolling through the interface. The lack of even a slight blur and smoother movement of icons and menu items creates a subjective feeling that the smartphone is very fast.

The screen refresh rate that OnePlus is a feeling that it works faster than it really is.

All of this is about perception. In General, it is believed that our brain ceases to perceive the sequence as the change of symbols after the frequency of 15 frames per second. It was after this value we see the video. Podmorazhivanie, twitching, blurred, but of the video. That is, we get the illusion of motion. By the way, this frame rate was the camera GoPro Hero 3 in 4K mode. Faster then failed.

The gold standard of cinema is set to 24 frames per second. There is a charm, as the picture is a little blurry and very cinematic. We can dive into it and go into the world created on the screen, and not perceive it as a continuation of reality.

24 frames has long been the gold standard of cinema.

Sometimes filmmakers are beginning to experiment with the frame rate, but get your bucket of excrement on his head and cease to put their experiences on the format. One relatively recent example is the film “the Hobbit: an Unexpected journey” Director Peter Jackson. In it, the creators have tried to offer a format of 48 frames per second, but instead got a decent portion of the criticism.

In the end, we can conclude that for each ”action” is its format. For example, for the filming of nature high frame rate would do it. The same can be said for shooting personal archive — the picture is literally alive. But the transmission of artistic ideas requires increased realism and better to stay on small values. Gamers I would argue and be right. Better for them to have a greater frame rate as it allows more fully plunge into the game process, not to miss important details, and at the same time relieve the load on the eyes.

There is another point that should be considered when creating and using screens with a high refresh rate. Each frame and each pixel it is calculated by the processor with the graphics core. This means that increasing the frequency will make them work harder. In stationary conditions is not critical, but in mobile devices can be very negative impact on autonomy.

This is not always the high frequency of the updates is really needed. When viewing something static, for example, when reading a text, viewing a show where the only variable is the facial expressions of the presenter, the game and many other places, the high frequency of updates is simply not needed. Here it is necessary to strike a balance.

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In summary, I want to say that I for increasing the frame rate of the gadgets, though, and not sure I will be able to say that about the cinema. At least your videos I had been shooting at 60 fps (Full HD). I’ll just be happy if the device will be able to play and better fps, but don’t forget about the fact that this content takes a lot of space. Just increase the frequency, keeping the volume and as a result, losing in the bitrate, I don’t want to. That means we need to think of something. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to utilize the adaptive adjustment of screen refresh rate.

All together, it really displays the screens of modern devices to a new level. Otherwise, we get something like the possibility of shooting video in 4K 60 fps in the smartphone. Function for functions which use just one. But everyone understands that you have a cool smartphone.

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