Is it possible to extract energy from rain?

As you know, the development of technology and the increase in world population lead to the increase in world energy consumption. In order to prevent the occurrence of a power collapse, scientists are now actively seeking alternative sources of energy. One of these is truly endless resources can be a normal rain, every drop of which can give enough energy to light more than 100 LED bulbs, the

Rain can be a great source of electricity

The energy of the rain

Electricity production in the rainy days can be an effective alternative to the use of today’s known energy resources. Despite the fact that we are still far from the creation of umbrellas, which would use the energy of the heavy rains for the further heating of the whole building, recent studies show that already today we are one step away from creating a system to ignite more than hundreds of led lamps while using only a drop of rain. So, bio-engineer van Coinky from City University of Hong Kong claims that a drop in 100 MICS of water, released from a height of 15 inches, can generate a voltage of 140 V, and thus the generated power can light up 100 small LED bulbs.

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In order to get maximum energy from every drop of water, engineers had to apply a few clever tricks in the end which allowed us to convert the energy of raindrops into electricity.

Falling water drops can be an effective source of electricity

One of the key improvements that the team has embedded in its generator-based electricity drops, was the use of a film of polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, which can accumulate surface charge that moment, when it continuously fall drops of water. Getting on the surface of the device, the water, gradually spreading, connects the two electrodes: aluminum electrode and the electrode of indium-tin oxide.

Formed drip bridge creates a closed surface, where the droplets act as resistors, and surface treatment such as a capacitor. A similar approach can be used everywhere where the water is for some reason hitting a solid surface, the researchers said. So, as a “receiver” of energy can be not only the surface “wet” battery, but even the inside of the bottle with water, the hull of the boat or upper part of a normal umbrella.

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“Significantly increasing the electrical power the falling rain drops with the help of convert kinetic energy of the water, she said the gravity of the planet, rainfall energy can become a reliable source of free renewable electricity, — says the chemist Xiao Cheng Zeng of University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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Anyway, scientists still have a lot of work in order to present the unique prototype of the device to the General public. Researchers believe that the creation of the device prepared for active everyday use, they will take about 5 years.

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