Is it possible to fly to another country on a flying skateboard?

What do you think, is there a flying skateboard (hoverboard) from the movie “Back to the future” really? For many, this can become a discovery, but a fantastic means of transportation has long been established and used for flight. It’s called Air Flyboard was invented by French inventor Franky Zapata by. The hoverboard is able to fly at speeds of up to 280 kilometers per hour at 3,000 meters altitude. In 2016, Frankie came on Board 2 kilometers for a record 3 minutes, and now wants to move it from France to great Britain across the English channel. Will he succeed?

Judging by the performance of the Board Flyboard Air, Franky Zapata has all the chances to do it. The device rises into the air through drawn five of jet engines, each of which has a capacity of 250 horsepower. The hoverboard is composed of three parts: the Board, control panel and fuel tank. As fuel, by the way, uses the kerosene tank is hung on the back of the pilot. Fuel is only enough for 10 minutes of flight, so when crossing the English channel, the inventor will have to stop for fuel.

The first flight across the English channel

Frankie Zapata wants to dedicate his flight to the 100th anniversary since the first crossing of the Strait on the aircraft. The first flight was made July 25, 1909 French Aviator named Louis Bleriot in one of the first aircraft in history. In those days, England was tested biplanes arranged one above the other two pairs of wings. In France also created monoplanes with one pair of wings at one of them and flew Louis.

Louis Bleriot and his monoplane

Place of take-off at 04:35 am was the coast of France. In the middle of the flight, there was a strong wind, which the pilot was off course but returned to the starting position, focusing on the movement of sailing at the bottom of the ships. In the end, Louis Bleriot landed safely on the coast of England after 37 minutes. This event proved the great advantage of the French monoplanes over biplanes of the British.

Franky Zapata and his hoverboard

From France to England on the hoverboard

Perhaps the flight across the English channel will be the most difficult flight in the career of Franky Zapata. As mentioned above, in 2016, he traveled on a flying skateboard 2 kilometers, but on 25 July he will have to fly section of Straits of a width exceeding 35 miles. Somewhere in the middle of the route from the hoverboard runs out of fuel, so the inventor will have to fall on the floating ship for refueling. Perhaps he will be able to refuel in the air — then we can assume that the flight was continuous.

Photo of the English channel from the satellite

Frank Zapata a great experience of flying because it demonstrates the capabilities of the hoverboard by many national holidays. For example, the Bastille day he flew on his hoverboard above the crowd of people. According to him, when he used only 3% of the capabilities of the aircraft, and crossing the English channel will have to use all of 99.9%. Honestly, even Franky Zapata not fully confident in the success of their upcoming flight.

Franky Zapata and his inventions

At the moment, flying on the hoverboard Flyboard Air jet dares only the inventor himself. The fact that the device requires a lot of experience and good physical preparation. Besides, flying on a flying skateboard can be lethal — it is terrible to imagine what will become of a person when falling from a height of 3000 meters. That is why even Franky Zapata does not risk to rise above 30 meters, almost always flies over the surface of the water.

But another invention of the French craftsmen called Flyboard is available even to ordinary people. You’ve probably seen a video of thrill seekers flying over the water on a Board that is attached to the hose is also the handiwork of Frankie. Board rises to a height of up to 15 meters thanks to the thrust created by escaping from a hose stream of water.

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