Is it possible to replace the battery AirPods

Your AirPods will die. Deal with it. Battery, which is installed in each earphone has a limited lifespan, and therefore will allow him to regularly work about two years. Then begin a gradual decrease in battery life until you reach such indicators, when you just don’t want to use their favorite accessory. The logical way out of this situation – either buying new headphones, or applying for a replacement of the old, which will get you slightly cheaper than the cost of a complete set along with case. However, there is a third option, which although paid, will still allow you to save a little bit more.

Battery AirPods – perhaps the weakest part of it

On Apple’s official website has a separate pagedevoted to the service of AirPods. There are fees for services that the company provides owners with headphones: $ 49 maintenance costs of the battery and 69 dollars is the rebuy of a new earphone. But if the second service is understandable, because it allows you to purchase one item of a pair in case of breakage or loss, the first raises questions. In the end, as you can service the battery, if Apple itself claimed that the opportunity to climb inside the body it not?

AirPods run down faster than usual. What to do

To replace the battery in the AirPods is impossible, but to replace the headset because of problems with battery — it is possible

A long time, everyone thought it was the same as the substitution that is valid only within the warranty period. Say, lost your earpiece during the year after purchase, pay for a new $ 49 instead of 69 — convenient. However, colleagues of The Washington Post found that this is not true, and terms of service AirPods with worn-out batteries differ from the terms of the replacement program that does not provide for surrender of the damaged earphone company staff.

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It turns out that if you come to the reception to staff the Genius Bar and say when meeting the code phrase “Battery Service”, you can expect one of three possible scenarios.

How much is the replacement battery AirPods

  • If the warranty on AirPods has not expired, and at least one earpiece holds a charge less than the stated five hours, you will be given a replacement free of charge.
  • If you are the owner of the package AppleCare+, you will have two years to apply for a replacement earpiece from a premature discharge;
  • If the warranty has expired AirPods, but you will insist that the appeal by reason of the premature discharge, you will be offered a replacement for only $ 49.

Yes, just like that. For this purpose, and the right column Battery Service, because it is, in fact, is analogous to the services to replace the battery. In the end, did Apple replace the iPhone battery, iPad and MacBook. So one had to provide the same opportunity for AirPods. But since the design of the headphones is that to get into them is not possible after stepping off the Assembly line in Cupertino came up with just to change headphones new if one of the above-described conditions.

Unfortunately, to know the exact price for the service battery AirPods and their replacement failed. However, we found out that the Russian representative office of Apple authorized service centers of the company consider the battery maintenance and replacement as two different services, and hence the prices on them will be different. So, if you are faced with premature discharge their AirPods in STS should address it with this wording. Then the cost of maintenance is almost certainly for you will be lower than if full replacement.

AirPods do not hold a charge. What to do

Perhaps, really, this information may be useful only to those whose AirPods not withstand the stated five hours of work, and therefore may qualify for the free replacement of the defective copy. For all the rest, even the 49 dollar replacement scenario is highly questionable. Well, think about it: even if you replace both the earpiece, charging case you’re going to be old, and its replacement will cost you an additional $ 69. It turns out that to purchase a new AirPods, perhaps even more profitable than to seek out discounts on a replacement.

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