Is it possible to turn Fukushima into a new source of renewable energy?

Before the disaster in 2011, Fukushima has put a third of the electricity in the Metropolitan region of Japan, being embedded in the transmission network of the country’s electricity. However, Fukushima Prefecture is the third largest Prefecture in Japan and has a huge number of renewable resources, so the Prefecture has a great potential for implementing renewable energy sources. As the portal newatlas.comthe government of Japan is ready to breathe new life into the energy industry in Fukushima, the destruction of which resulted in a nuclear crisis. Currently, it is planned to turn Fukushima into the centre of renewable energy, which will produce it to feed and use in the country’s capital.

Solar and wind power will be built on farmland and mountainous areas, which were previously used by the population

New mains for Tokyo

Despite the environmental disaster, now the Japanese government is developing a plan for the development of 11 solar and 10 wind power plants in Fukushima Prefecture on those agricultural lands that are not used by the local population because of high radiation contamination.

The government expects total expenditure for development of the region will amount to 300 billion yen or about $ 2.75 billion dollars. The main sponsors of this project will be the state development Bank of Japan and private lender Mizuho Bank, which already has prepared a credit line for co-financing of the project.

The average output power in the Prefecture at the moment is estimated at about 600 megawatts, equivalent to two-thirds of a nuclear power plant, all the energy produced will go to the capital of Japan.

The projected plan provides for the construction of 80-km wide grid in Fukushima to connect the generated power to the network gear from Tokyo Еlectric PowerCo. According to rough estimates, this part of the project will cost about 29 billion yen.

In 2011, the exclusion zone left by about 160,000 people

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The government of Fukushima at the moment is trying to increase production of renewable energy in the region after the accident of 2011. An earthquake of magnitude 9 on the Richter caused a tsunami that flooded sea-water nuclear power plant and caused the most terrible nuclear disaster after Chernobyl.

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After the disaster, for the resumption of production was designed to ensure the energy supply of the whole region with renewable energy by 2040. The goal I plan to achieve by integrating wind, solar and water and geothermal energy. It is known that thus in 2018, Fukushima has managed to produce nearly 1.5 Gigawatts of electricity.

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