Is it possible to win against Apple in court

Every Apple device has a limited warranty, which is valid for one year from the date of activation. Fortunately, most of the users fails to use it, and they enjoy a stable job of their gadgets, not even remembering the right service. However, happens and so that the device becomes defective, however, the service centers are not in a hurry to repair it, regardless of the inexhaustible warranty. In such cases, the only solution is the courts.

A Reddit user with the nickname larnaux told how was forced to sue Apple because of the failure of the company to fix his MacBook Pro, and won.

Peeled the coating of the laptop. What to do

According to larnaux, a month before the expiration of the warranty period from the screen of his MacBook Pro has suddenly started to move anti-reflective coating. After a brief study of problems in the Internet, he realized that it is quite common and must be corrected at the expense of Apple. There larnaux and went.

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At first everything went according to the standard scenario: an appointment at the Apple Store, a visual inspection of the laptop by the employee Genius Bar, the recognition of the factory defect and order a new display. However, two hours later larnaux got the message that Apple denied warranty service due to the fact that his laptop was in contact with water. At least it showed the built-in flood sensor.

Apple repair technicians

It was then decided to contact an independent service center, the master of which agreed to: MacBook Pro is in perfect working order and is not in contact with water. And the sensor, which is referred to in the Apple, was the usual piece of paper that changes color due to moisture. As explained by the staff workshop, this could happen with high humidity, which is quite natural and does not affect device operation.

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The same larnaux told the court that filed a lawsuit against Apple, citing the expert opinion of an independent repair shop.

The whole process lasted more than a year because the company’s lawyers deliberately delayed it to the plaintiff got tired of it. Ultimately, however, the judge, examining the evidence of the parties, decided in favor larnaux.

What to do if refused to guarantee

To defend their rights is not as difficult as it seems. If you like larnaux, was refused a warranty repair, follow these simple tips (they apply including to the Russian reality):

  • Make a claim in a free form with a demand to take device to repair and take it to a service center that denied you the service. To avoid refusal of its acceptance, submit a claim by registered letter;
  • If the claim is not responded within 10 days, you can go to court. Make a statement on the model from the Internet; contrary to popular opinion, to refer to the laws and regulations in the lawsuit optional;
  • After the first hearing, the court will appoint the examination, which will reveal the presence or absence of damage, has given rise to refuse warranty service;
  • Don’t be afraid of the debate. When the court will have evidence of your lack of fault in damage to the unit, your public speaking skills will play an important role;
  • Most likely, you will be offered a settlement agreement – decide whether you agree to it.

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