Is it worth the iPhone XS economy?

Finally the iPhone XS is available officially in dozens of states and more comes out next Friday. The phone as all Apple devices without exception, triggered a wave of ridicule from Andros. But we are Apple users we have to think together, in answer to a question… is it worth the iPhone XS the economy and of the current phone?

هل يستحق آي فون XS الاقتناء؟

An important clarification

◉ In this article, we evaluated the potential buyer to the two owners of Apple devices even iPhone 7. The second owner 8 Plus and iPhone X.

◉ The decision to purchase iPhone is a personal decision only you will pay the money. We’re here to give you our opinion on the phone, but the decision is yours. We don’t get financial return from Apple for the purchase of its devices.

◉ The answer slide feature E-SIM out of the comparison because it is not supported in almost all Arab (to be included in Qatar and the UAE coming soon) as well as the speed advantage of the internet because it mostly does not reach the efficiency of the internet in the state to the degree that we need speed 1024/150 mega-bit“, i.e. the speed of 1 GHz. If you read the article in the state offer super speeds and supports the binary and this is more important to you, I settled for the XS.

◉ Please read the article carefully and do not use feedback. At points you may find we recommend you to purchase points another the opposite of this.

◉ The difference between the iPhone XS and the Max is the only size and change the size of the increased screen quality, battery and of course price. So the choice is yours do you want the size of 5.8-inch or 6.5-inch, because all other things are completely identical.

Have any Apple device until 7/7+

If you have iPhone 6/6s/7 or women, plasma will most probably be our advice to you is if Of course the price factor is not an obstacle for you that highlights what you find different about your device:

Performance: despite the fact that all tests of the XS didn’t believe in a formal but in general outperform the XS in the nuclear one on the iPhone 7 Plus a 40% and 92% as compared with 6s the difference becomes 177% and multi. The tests of Metal the difference was 71% between the XS and 7 Plus increases to become 111% in the case of 6s. This difference is extremely large, and.

Camera: you will feel a big lead in the export. Yeah, I didn’t believe DXOMark site assessment camera iPhone but X got 97 points suppose that XS came ب103 point as compared to that with the 7 Plus, which got 88 points difference a clear. Add to this the differences in the artificial intelligence that depend on the processor as we have explained previously –this link– there are special benefits such as a slow developer so that the 7 Plus offers even 120fps as a family X supports 240fps.

Screen: another difference is that you will move from LCD to OLED and also there are the properties of additional and not just move to OLED where you will find the feature is True Tone which modify the colors to fit the environment around the device. Techniques and Dolby Vision/HDR10 to view the content of the quality of the movie as well as the renewal of the screen is 120hz. You will feel a clear lead in the screen.

Other features: don’t forget, Of course, the imprint of the face and radio support Bluetooth 5.0 standard water resistant top IP68 and other details.

If you possess the iPhone 8 Plus completing with us.

Difference performance between the XS and the 8+

If your goal is to get the best performance, not a sudden shocking; does not specify if that is your goal. Yes Wizard A12 is the most powerful and fastest processor in the world, ahead of Android devices; but when you compare it with Apple devices and his brother A11 the difference is dwarfed, reaching 14% in nuclear per and 9% in the nuclei. This little difference you won’t feel it easily the real difference comes in the tests of Metal any games where up the difference to 42% but that doesn’t mean that you will find slow if you don’t measure up because he simply didn’t believe after the games you need to force XS thus its performance is low on processor A11 in the iPhone 8 and X-current.

The difference of performance in the applications you won’t feel it; the games will be marked in the future, not immediately


Photography is a second factor often you think of them shared any new device after the performance. You can go back to our previous article on photography camera iPhone XS and the new –this link– and actually you will find the differences significant and if the phone is still new and we haven’t seen comparisons in performance but expected to be there is a difference between 8 Plus and XS simply because XS is a development for X camera X better than a 8 Plus but there is an important point you should think about. Are you a professional? If you take pictures normally, as any person probably would never feel the joy of relationships is huge but if you are a professional who scrutinize every detail they will see a big lead in Photo 8 Plus and XS. The idea of First Use and the extent of gone soft. Here’s a little help. Owns XS feature the filming of the sound of the video “Stereo”. Do you feel that the sound of the videos isn’t good enough and you wish to become a “stereoscopic” is more then you are a professional person looking into the details.

Upgrade from 8+ to XS if your focus is on games and the quality of the screen or the content of photography only

What about the owner of the iPhone X

The big question is Is it worth it to upgrade from X to XS if we say at the top that often the user or violent content games and is from recommend you to upgrade to the XS of 8+ it becomes more complicated, but we’ll let you know when to up from X to XS:

◉ You are a person like the acquisition of the latest products; maybe making fun of other you this but it is in fact the cause of all the millions of human beings. Love own the latest technology is legitimate as long as you have the physical capacity.

◉ Prefer swimming with your phone; standard IP68 higher and stronger and provides you access to a depth of 2 m on the phone versus 1 meter.

◉ Supports your country of the second tranche and have to carry a second phone and want to do without it.

◉ Professional photography and you want to get technical Smart HDR recording stereo sound and bokeh effects sophisticated.

◉ You want a screen larger than X here you can get XS Max

If you are not any of the persons, the 5 Former they do not recommend that you upgrade

Do you intend to acquisition the iPhone XS? And what are your reasons for? Or will wait for the XR next month.


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