Is Launches Samsung Galaxy S10 with a memory “RAM” size of 12 GB is?

The company announced the Shao Monday, a day from her smart phone Mi Mix 3, which offers a special version with random access memory “RAM” size of 10 GB, if you think that this number is large, we might see the next year some new surprises if I check the forecast a new report.

Report with respect to the Galaxy S10 associated with Samsung during the first quarter of next year, which revealed a picture leaked from China that the company might launch a special version of the phone will enjoy that it provides random access memory “RAM” size of 12 GB.

The leaked image is not to the specifications of the phone physically, but from an analytical report to monitor the evolution of memory options to “ram” through 2018, and how they can develop through 2019.

See in the picture the prices of names and the size of themselves as “RAM” and the dates of the announcement of Samsung phones and Huawei through 2018, then in 2019. And see the Galaxy S10 four copies, are: Galaxy S10 memory “RAM” size of 4 GB, and the Galaxy S10 Plus the memory size of 6 GB, and the Galaxy S10 X memory 8 GB, in addition to the copy of the private network supports the fifth generation Galaxy S10 X 5G memory size of 12 GB.

The same applies to Huawei company with the next generation of phones Huawei Mate P30, which is expected to come in two versions, the first is the P30 with a memory size of 8 GB, and P30 Pro with a memory size of 12 GB.

Although Samsung is able to offer a phone with specs not found in any other phone, including RAM size 12 GB, but that’s very unlikely, especially given their history, they are always late for Chinese enterprises to provide some specifications, as it had been by a number of companies in the submission of the memory of 8 GB, which exist only in the Galaxy Note9, which was announced last August.

Despite the exclusion that comes Galaxy S10 memory “RAM” size 12 GB, but it is rumored that it will be advanced specification, including the screen that fills the fact, and sensitive fingerprint under the screen, we might see a front camera in the screen.

What do you think? You do it Samsung and Galaxy S10 with a memory “RAM” size of 12 GB is? Share your opinion the comments.

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