Is screen Galaxy Z flip of the glass effectively?

Phone Galaxy Z flip folding Samsung usually enter into the comparisons so many with the Galaxy Fuld, but to us any substantial difference between them as a hobby folding we find a clear superiority for Galaxy Z flip because of the coming with the glass screen not plastic like the one that came in the Galaxy Fuld! Samsung has launched this glass name UTG— Ultra Thin Glass.

In reality of course, the advent of the phone with glass screen not plastic should guarantee us the best performance in resistance to scratches and greater carrying capacity, but it seems not, and this according to the stress tests for the famous channel JerryRigEverything which proved -somewhat – that the phone does not come with a glass screen.

Tests JerryRigEverything rely on the use of solid materials for numbness of the screen according to the scale of a season famous for hardness, and if you don’t know for photo season is a scale ranking from 1 to 10 for a number of materials and rocks that vary in the degree of hardness and scratch its surfaces to the other, and here we find that the scratches are already appearing on the screen starting from the second level to the scale of the season, and in general start the scratches to appear in the fifth level or sixth on any glass screen smart phone.

According to the tests, the higher the hardness of the material used as they become scratches, the stronger and deeper so much so that it arrived because the screen Galaxy Z Felipe has shown scratches effectively when you know its the rule of the nails! Here he Zach Nelson, the Alter who conducted the tests and that these effects can not be exposed to the body of the glass! Which implies that the Galaxy Z flip doesn’t come with a screen of glass, but plastic.

Quickly enter the Samsung has responded explaining that the Galaxy Z flip comes with an additional protective layer over the layer of the glass itself, here we can conclude that the effects that the phone was clear on this energy and not energy glass. According to one expert Samsung have added that layer above the glass to protect the fingers in case of glass fracture, that is, that one of their key roles is to prevent fingers cutting tiny glass flour when the refraction of the screen.

Summary it is that the phone have a protection layer of plastic over that glass, but this energy unfortunately subject to scratching from objects such as keys, pens or even nail itself.

Going back to the video your access to teachers, we find it stated that the Galaxy Z flip is the strongest foldable phone had testing it, as mentioned that the phone screen had continued to work even after making a break in its own window, add to it here UTG your phone is not broken when you fold the phone backwards, which is amazing.

Source: Android Authority

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