Is Steve Jobs was right about Tim Cook?

Always be details of the interior for the corporate world and business is exciting, especially when related to company like Apple, the company that our love for their products and services and we fed our love of this to follow all the small and large about her. One of the facts of your policy, internal to Apple is that Steve Jobs was a critic of the permanent successor, Tim Cook, that according to some reports issued by the platform media Reliable this is and if you’re wondering why we talk about this today. he is motivated further in the history of the Apple first because of the “quote” goes has been revealed after his death years later, this second.

هل كان ستيف جوبز محقًا بشأن تيم كوك ؟

” Tim Cook is not a product ” -Steve Jobs

That’s what he said his co-founder former executive director of Apple -the Steve Jobs – at the time of the Times, Tim Cook is not a products “Tim is not a product guy” and hope you excuse me for a literal translation of course. As you can to dress jobs would have thought that Tim Cook won’t be able to steer the company to offer amazing products and snappy to work and as it was previously.

This article -or quote – may have been exposed by Walter Isaacson writer of the biography of Steve Jobs when he was in a meeting with CNBC, he added Isaacson said that Jobs had told him lots of stories and information during their sessions to improve the CV, which achieved widespread sales and huge by the way.

So, now -according to a statement by Isaacson – Steve Jobs was seen in Tim Cook that he wouldn’t come out great products and amazing.. why did you said that? And what was the reason? The reason is simply that this interview was centered around Jony Ive after he left Apple as head of design.

The difference between Tim Cook and Steve Jobs

In the days of the jobs last and when it’s in the company’s office in Cupertino would go in the middle of the day to that section of the company offers door to huge enclosed is the Department of design and once you enter the starts in development with Jony Ive to discuss the design of the products completely so they didn’t care they were just on the phone itself but also the network of its own, the design and even the way to wrap the charger cord! All of the jobs I’ve liked the design and all of them were men products. -Walter Isaacson

On the other hand, quite a boy, Cook was an expert management and operations as his former position at Apple before becoming the executive director was the director of operations and was known within the company for his attention allows and processes and not products.

Steve Jobs

Added Isaacson, saying: Now what you can see is that Apple’s lead is excellent as only that interest in the products is no longer as it was this because in the past it was a two people believe in all the products the two jobs I’ve enough to know that both of you may come to the design of some Apple products iconic together a iPod, the IP-iPad, iPhone and also the Apple Campus itself.

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Added Isaacson, explaining that he didn’t talk about the criticism of the jobs to Tim Cook this in the biography Jobs biography because he simply wants to make things simple between jobs and Connor especially for the readers. The following are full:

Do you crumble Apple without Jony Ive and Steve Jobs is?

No, if Tim Cook is not a “man products” he is an executive director successful for Apple that even now, add to that finding a company the size of Apple is extremely difficult and cannot happen overnight. Apple products are one of the most technical products possession fans fanatics and they are either described as”Apple Fan Boys” that it can’t be done on its own but what made it possible is the quality of the company’s products and services and also attention to detail.

In the end we remind you that when the death of Steve Jobs the value of Apple’s market capitalization of $ 346 million but it is now 1180 million even though tens and hundreds of billions that the distribution to shareholders which, if added to WE that Apple is now worth 4 times their value at the death of Steve Jobs 8 years ago. Which makes us see that jobs probably wasn’t right in his view of Tim Cook.

What do you think of measuring the opinion of Steve Jobs on Tim Cook? Do you expect to continue the current executive director for Apple’s success in the coming years?


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