Is the firewall the default Windows Defender all or have to use programs again?

هل برنامج الحماية الافتراضي Windows Defender كافِ ام عليك الاستعانة ببرامج اخرى؟

If you have to take our words seriously advice to sum experience with computers stretched for more than 20 years we have through which to experience the use of All Programs and systems that you can take it.
If that is so.

We can reply to the question above in two words no more.

Yes all

Will software built-in the settings of your Windows operating system task viruses the oneness of Allaah that will be subjected to no system you have to realize it’s professional and something.
And you have to realize, too, that the programs that we see more specialization in this area drain a lot of system resources and overwhelm it while Windows Defender runs lightly compatible with the system as it is one of the components of the Chair.

And the resolution of the before and after

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