Is there a drain for the battery with the iOS update 13.4 to?

Days ago launched Apple iOS update 13.4 , which comes in several distinctive new and improve features that already exist and fix some bugs and problems but what about the performance of the battery?

هل هناك استنزاف للبطارية مع تحديث iOS 13.4 ؟

In the record of the changes the new update didn’t require Apple to talk about the battery, especially since some users have already bought from the deterioration of the battery performance with iOS update 13.3.1 the former.

The iOS update 13.3.1 it exists mainly to fix certain errors in the system iOS is not known how and why the impact on battery performance, it added The Mission.

But what interests us here is the battery performance with iOS update 13.4 later, this inquiry choose the answer. According to tests the battery and testimonials of some users, there is a pattern to the performance of the battery after the update.

Initially there is a slight dip in battery performance, first directly after the update, then after it starts the battery performance in talk or return the normal functioning of the gradually after hours or days.

There are also points you should pay attention to is that in these days policies apply cooling to the social as it lengthened the period of residence in the region due to the spread of the epidemic of MERS-CoV.

This, of course, is reflected on the duration of phone use and battery consumption faster away from the update itself.

The effect of the new updates the battery is superior, however the most common pattern it seems that as we mentioned earlier: a slight dip and then improve or return to normal functioning of the battery, and in all cases recommend that you transition to the new update.

Tell us about the performance of the battery in your device after the update to iOS 13.4 to?

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