Is there a floor in our brain?

Is there a difference between the brains of men and women? If there are any intellectual differences, sex-linked? Why do the sexes often perceive exactly the same life situation in different ways? All of these questions answers is a special science called neurobiology. Scientists working in this scientific field, study system and development of the human nervous system.

The human brain

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What is neurobiology?

Neurobiology is the science that studies the structure and functioning of the nervous system. In addition, the scope of their interests neuroscientists also include the study of the behavior of humans and animals.

The study of the brain, in essence, is an interdisciplinary science, bordering on the genetics, physiology and biochemistry. So, that neurobiology is completely refuted by the fact that is claimed that the human brain is plastic and able to absorb new information only at a young age. According to new research, the brain of any living creature capable of learning all my life, as well as to be able to grow, adapt and change. The main provisions of neurobiology, learning any new skills the ability to develop the brain in any age. At the same time, if it is deprived of the opportunity to exercise their cognitive abilities, the brain cells may lose their capacity for plasticity.

The phrase “live and learn” in neurobiology takes on new importance

Is the brain of a man from a woman’s brain?

Despite the fact that for a very long time it was believed that the left hemisphere often are men and the right women, there is no scientific evidence that this is true. The only difference that you could notice the scientists was that the brain of men contains a larger number of neural connections within each hemisphere, while female brains contain the same number of neural connections between the hemispheres. Can this fact somehow affect the way of thinking of both sexes, is still unknown.

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Who often suffer from mental illness: men or women?

Despite the almost complete identity of the brain of men and women, the prevalence of certain mental illness is different depending on gender. So, women are more susceptible to diseases such as anxiety, depression, and anorexia, while men often suffer from Tourette’s syndrome, dyslexia and hyperactivity.

According to research, women are often prone to anxiety disorders, while men hyperactivity.

Is there a floor in our brain?

From high school biology we all know that at the time of fertilization can occur 2 types of set of chromosomes: XX chromosomes, meaning that it’s a girl, or XY chromosome, meaning a boy. Is Y-chromosome starts the process of the production of testosterone, which is responsible for the development of the fetus in the male form.

A few months after conception, our brain starts an active start male or female hormones, thanks to which the fetus begins to develop gender identity.

Despite the fact that until the age of three the child will not associate itself with any specific floors, after reaching that age, he begins to actively include awareness of one’s own gender at the time of adoption of certain decisions. So, children aged three to five years often prefer to play with children only of her sex.

From the age of three children are aware of their gender identity

Despite the fact that our floor is laid with a set of chromosomes in the womb, it is believed that half of our brain does not always coincide with the floor physiological. Due to the fact that the lack of a sense of satisfaction about their gender may occur already in childhood, the question of the formation of gender identity is still controversial, generating a large number of topics for discussion.

What do you think: our gender is formed in accordance with gender identity or in accordance with the self-gender identification? Share your comment about it in our Telegram chat.

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