Is wireless charging danger the battery?

Used wireless charging technology free electromagnetic transfer of energy between two objects, and can simplify the mechanism of shipping that the body of the first “charger” that converts electricity into an electromagnetic field and secondary education “phone like” meet this council and to the electricity used in charging the phone. And many companies of mobile phones to the use of that technique, particularly as it supports fast charging. Is this electromagnetic interaction has an impact on the internal battery components and what goes where from the interactions of chemical’s?

هل الشحن اللاسلكي خطر على البطارية؟

Student users of Apple devices by providing a wireless charging feature like the other companies on the head Samsung. Was added finally in the iPhone 8 and-iPhone X, like Apple added this technology to its timidly, or perhaps in the delayed careful consideration, knowing that this technique must have a certain criteria so don’t have a bad effect on the devices. Indeed the Apple TV using the Qi standard for wireless charging.

Strange that Apple made the technique slow is 7.5 and when using chargers especially designed for the iPhone and if the use of any charger is charging $ 5 a watt. While the Apple outlets such as the Samsung offers years ago charger 10 watt. It was this significant after that, it may be the use of that technical is not good to charge your phone according to the research has been done on wireless charging technology and came to the existence of a relationship between them and damage the batteries very quickly.

From that research: research carried out by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes from the position of ZDNet is connected to the wireless charging user charging his phone works on the erosion of its battery very quickly.

By shipping and the impact on the battery?

Said Venkat Srinivasan Director, centre Arjun cooperative for the storage of energy ” ACCESS”, if you keep the battery fully charged or close to it will damage it. This is what happens when you have a charger wirelessly in your home or in your office, you put your device on you all the time keeps your phone charged a high rate until you feel good and satisfaction.

He also said: ” the higher the status of the shipment to the 90% or 95% or 100% with the retention of these women a longer time, the more I began to case of the battery to deteriorate faster, depending on the nature of lithium batteries.

Strange that the studies done by the shipping companies also proved that the charging and discharging fully, no harm to battery and varies the severity of the damage depending on the type of battery. The study said that re-charging the battery at a high level such as 50% can lead to an increase of age by up to 4 times the value that may reach it when charging from zero to 100%

The nature of the charging lithium battery

When charging the lithium battery is discharged, the ions pass back and forth between the anode “made of oxide of lithium-cobalt or lithium-Iron phosphate” and the cathode “made of carbon graphite”. When charging the battery, apply the lithium ions from the anode to the cathode and is stored as energy. When unpacking the battery, those ions to the anode for use as an energy Kettle. While moving these ions back and forth, the material begins “the electrolyte or the electrolyte Electrolyte” – a substance containing free ions form the center of the vector of electricity – starts to vary with the passage of time. Thus the higher the shipping rate you have, the more it was analysed that article and its faster.

So it’s best not to make your phone is charged by a high all the time, or charging from zero to full charging length of time, in order to maintain the movement of the pendulum loading and unloading of the swing significantly. Preferably ranging from shipping rate you have from 45% to 80%.

In addition, the battery life basically depends on the number of times of charging cycles that passed by. And for your information more on this topic you can review the articles you ask and-iPhone Islam answers battery Apple.

The difference between wired charging and wireless charging

It’s difficult to compare chargers wireless chargers wired each has advantages and disadvantages, we mention a simple comparison between the two types are as follows:

◉ When you connect the phone with a translator AC by way of wired charging, the battery separate charging automatically when charging is completed take a break, and wait for the removal of the charging cord just in case of not using the phone, as in the case of using the phone while charging, charging will continue to compensate for what you lose his battery while phone is turned on. (And of course to use intended is as violent as games and not use the normal as the grid like”.

As for wireless, it uses a steady stream, not giving the battery a rest period after the completion of the charging process. During the flow of data from the device and to him, are running the screen for alerts and stuff and when that battery is charged continuously and compensation for any lack of a small battery, and thus is counted in the number of charging cycles, which leads to exhaustion of the battery and damaging them.

◉ Wireless charging usually leads to overheating of the battery and the device, which may expose them to rapid other than charging using the wire. So I prefer not charging in closed spaces and unventilated it must be fun wasting that heat.

◉ Chargers wireless reliable high-priced compared can traditional wired.

◉ Direct exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emanating from the chargers, wireless can be harmful to the body in the long term, and can eliminate the damage completely if you have been using the charger is properly protected and is available in chargers reliable use criteria Qi .

It is understood that most of the companies manufacturing batteries and smart phones designed to the battery to destroy its validity between two to three years, and if you’re someone who replaces his phone during that period, so don’t worry of the battery and speed of damage, especially to companies now, such as Apple provide a battery replacement at prices 20-30 dollars is a pittance compared to the price of the phone.

If you are a user of chargers wireless, do you know the problem with it? Tell us in the comments.


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