Israel has created the protection system of facial recognition

Did a startup from tel Aviv have created an algorithm that is able to protect from face detection. Israeli development can thus change some facial features in the photos, to relate photo processed with other images and the real person who is depicted on them, the recognition system does not work.

Modern algorithms for face recognition from Google, Baidu, Facebook and other tech companies are able to find pictures of the individual, sort them and look at the photos of a particular person. The Israeli startup has created an algorithm that can successfully counter this. According to the developers, the system works with efficiency that reaches 90 percent.

The company’s founders decided to develop a similar application about a decade ago. Then they both got a vacation in the army and went to South America. After the trip, the military authorities banned tourists post photos, referring to modern technologies of face recognition and spies. Then the friends decided to create a protection against this, and a year ago created a company that has been developing.

“More and more organizations are using the identification system, so the privacy is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why we created our system, because the appearance is not a password that can be changed”, — says Director General did Gil Perry.

Pictures modified algorithm did virtually indistinguishable from the original, but if we compare them with the originals without processing, the difference can be noticed.

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