Issuing a new security WordPress

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اصدار أمني جديد للووردبريسIssuing a new security WordPress

Issuing a new security WordPress

Ask the WordPress platform the second issue of security for key 5.0 after less than just two weeks of its launch, which is issued to interested in addressing the problem of the new editor.

And the company’s automatic that the development of the WordPress platform to version 5.0.2 is a maintenance release that addressed 73 error. It was the primary focus of this version is performance improvements in the engine block of the new, the new version made the editor faster increased by 330% the project contains 200 template, in accordance with the list of the new version .

If you say the inauguration of the city for the first time, download the files from the company’s official website , or if you are using a prior release, you can update directly through the control panel of the city taking into account the traditional needs such as obtaining a copy of the databases and files before update .

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