It also connects the top 10 celebrities on Instagram? I Ronald imagined 47.8 million

Detection the analysis conducted by the company Buzz Bingo American on the average profits of the celebrity Annual from Instagram, and connects each star for his publications on the Photos app owned Facebook.

The report showed the publication on the website statista American, that Cristiano Ronaldo came in first place in terms of total revenue from Instagram, where it receives about 975 thousand dollars for every ad driven, in comes Lionel Messi in second place in the monetization of Instagram, where it connects 23.3 million per year, subject to the following full list:

– Cristiano Ronaldo: the average profit per year of approximately $ 47.8 million.

– Lionel Messi: bring the average earnings up to $ 23.3 million per year.

– Kendall Jenner: check annually about $ 15.9 million.

– David Beckham: bring approximately $ 10.7 million on average.

– Selena Gomez: bring about $ 8 million annually .

– Neymar : entitled to approximately $ 7.2 million annually from Instagram.

– Ibrahimovic: the ball player famous about $ 4 million annually.

– Kelly Jenner: check of about $ 3.8 million annually.

– Range: the player of the legendary Brazilian former is about 2.6 million dollars a year of Instagram.

– Chloe Kardashian: achieved approximately $ 1.2 million of Instagram annually.

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