It became known, what is actually the FBI demanded that Apple iPhone hack

The Federal Bureau of investigation deliberately introduced Congress US astray, claiming to have exhausted all means to self-unlock iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino to obtain permission to trial with Apple. It follows from the materials published on the website of the Ministry of justice.

The representatives of the FBI about the lack of means to access content iPhone the offender was not true, I find the staff of the Supervisory authority. The trial was necessary, the Bureau for the formation of the precedent that would subsequently require companies hacking their products.

Although this could appear obvious, evidence of the true motives, FBI, Congress was not. In fact, as noted in the report of the Ministry of justice, the Bureau had a chance to unlock a smartphone terrorists with a probability of 90%. This fact was confirmed by the head of Department of operative technology of the FBI, testifying to the Prosecutor.

Insinuations of the leadership of the Bureau initially refused to assist partners in the burglary, led to the delay in the investigation Rizwan Farooq, says the DOJ. About why the FBI eventually abandoned the litigation with Apple, and what sanctions will be imposed on the perpetrators, representatives of agencies not misleading.

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