It became known when Google will release Android P

The release of the final build of Android P will be held August 20. This was reported by an eminent insider Evan Blass, known as EvLeaks. Without further ADO Blass posted on his Twitter page a calendar with the date marked with a stylized symbol Android P Latin letter P.

Traditionally, Blass did not disclose their sources, povestiri him about the release date of Android P. However, as a rule, the parties Blass from the industry, mostly right, supplying the most relevant and accurate information.

When will the Android P

The accuracy is represented by Blossom information also indicates the current practice. For example, the release of the Android O last year was held on 21 August. Then Google also released the upgraded OS alone, submitting to her hardware shell only in the fall.

Android P — new

Android P will probably become one of the most significant updates to Google’s mobile OS. In addition to performance improvements and optimization, P will offer Android users an improved interface, the ability to manually activate a dark theme and a built-in controller activity.

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