It became known why Google wants to disable ad blockers for Chrome

The recent decision of Google about the limitation of most extensions for blocking ads in Chrome, supposedly aimed at combating a slowdown in the speed of loading pages in the browser, has a completely different purpose. This position is shared by the developers of solutions that will be blocked. According to them, the search giant expects to remove from the market a large part of the extension that blocks advertising, so as to remove the barriers to its advertising business.

To prove that ad blocker does not increase the time performance browser system queries, developers Cliqz conducted their own investigation. They compared the time that Google Chrome requires to process the request, and revealed that the active locks (in the test took part extensions such as Ghostery, uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, Brave, DuckDuckGo) it increases by less than 0.05 milliseconds. This is a very low value that will not be able to notice a standard user.

Why Google bans ad blocking

Potentially breaking extensions for ad blocking, Google will release the market for branded solutions the implementation of which is scheduled for summer 2019. And because your own locker search giant would prevent the display of banners only-violators, without touching the rest of the advertisement, the company expects to increase revenue for its advertising platform, which had suffered greatly from efforts to block ads in the past.

But more interesting is not it, but how Google has responded to the study developers. First, the company stated that it had reviewed the chart with comparison of the speed of processing requests and decided to abandon the planned changes in the API of the browser aimed at the restriction of ad blockers. However, after some time from the statement published by one of the developers of the project have been removed mention of the failure of the planned change.

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